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CoCo Loupe

Resident Wanderer in Baton Rouge

Avocados, Choreography and a Life that Never Stops Moving


From process of manipulation to process of observation, CoCo Loupe examines the artist's journey home and away again via choreographic strategies and supported leaps into the unknown.

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Choreography and Climate Change


Steve Valk talks about the complexity and changing patterns of Choreography. By connecting with culture, ourselves, and the environment dancers can become better in choreographers and thinkers/

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Follow Your Heart

@ VOL 28 ON MAR 26, 2016

In 2014, Tsai Po-cheng won the Audience Favorite Award in The International Competition for Choreographers in Hanover and the Choreography Competition in Masdanza with his masterful work Floating Flowers. In 2015, he was crowned champion in The Choreography Competition in Burgos and The Choreography Competition in Copenhagen, and finished second in The International Choreography Competition in Jerusalem. In sharing his journey and the hurdles he faced in teaching dance in Taiwan, Tsai encourages young people to follow their hearts so that people who share the same vision as them will offer support and follow in their steps. Tsai also reminds young people to stay true to themselves and to speak in the voice of their own generation.



Po-Cheng Tsai’s international breakthrough came with Floating Flowers. In 2013, the production won the National Creative Dance Competition in Taiwan. In 2014, Floating Flowers won both Audience Award and the First Production Prize at the International Competition for Choreographers in Hannover ,giving Po-Cheng Tsai the opportunity to tour  Floating Flowers with dancers from Gauthier Dance. This piece was invited to perform at 2014 China Dance Forward in Hong Kong and Guangdong, and later  to LUCKY TRIMMER in Berlin in 2015. This year, Po-Cheng’s new work, Hugin/Munin came in first and won Tanz Luzerner Theater Production Award at Copenhagen International Choreography Competition in Denmark; also ranked No.1 and won Italy Balletto Di Siena Production Award at International Contest of Choreography Burgos in Spain. Po-Cheng Tsai founded his own company B.DANCE in Taiwan. He also worked as guest choreographer with different professional companies, including Cloud Gate 2 and Kaohsiung City Ballet. Tsai dedicated himself to dance education and choreographed at Tsoying Senior High School and the Taipei Physical Education  College.


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Learning and Exploring New Cultures

@ VOL 8 ON JAN 31, 2017

Arts and creativity consultant, Fiona Brice talks about her experience of working and living in Singapore five years with her family and how it changed their perceptions and understanding of culture.

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ArtLab J

@ VOL 27 ON APR 07, 2016

Joori Jung is a dancer and choreographer who has performed around the world receiving top accolades in national and international competitions. She is the artistic director and founder of ArtLabJ and Detroit Dance City Festival. Currently Joori has focused her attention to expanding contemporary dance and art programs in Detroit.

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Arts/life, Dance/life

@ VOL 24 ON NOV 14, 2017

Melissa Lanham is an independent dance artist with over 25 years in the arts industry both here and overseas. Based on the Sunshine Coast, she has been in constant work as a teacher and Choreographer.  Her latest work 'Vincent' which Premiered at the Adelaide Fringe Fest 2016 and to Newcastle and Melbourne to rave reviews originated here on the Sunshine Coast. In this presentation she shares some of her tips and inspiration! 

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The Garden: Growing the (Dancing) Beloved Community

@ VOL 25 ON NOV 16, 2017

While a Master of Divinity student at Harvard Divinity School, Katharine Slowburn developed a theory and practice of embodied sacrality utilizing dance. Upon graduation in 2013, Katharine returned to Knoxville, building a different type of beloved community through dance. After choreographing single pieces in several companies, she launched her own group in 2017 - The Katharine Slowburn Experience - and her first full-length production, “The Garden,” using her unique approach of dance-making and dancing as tools for healing and transforming.
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Passion, Training, Artistry

@ VOL 6 ON JUN 14, 2018

Cathy Curry is the Director of Outreach and Education for Huntsville Ballet Company and School.  She wears many different hats for the organization- grant writer, teacher, curriculum designer, choreographer, arts-integration specialist, toddler-wrangler, modern diva and broken ballerina. She possesses the ability to create dance technique metaphors that mostly relate to food and occasionally have to do with movies starring Steve Guttenberg. Cathy is a kinesthetic learner and communicator who is excited but fairly intimidated about having to speak to a crowd without rolling around on the floor once.


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Dance & Beyond

@ VOL 5 ON APR 29, 2018

Wahab Shah’s presentation is about his efforts and struggles in not only establishing himself as a professional dancer but also establishing his dance company and studio. He walks us through all the varied projects and shows he has performed at and how he and his brand have grown. 

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Stitching Stories Through Coreography

@ VOL 15 ON MAY 19, 2017

Stories are written and spoken, but Story Choreographer, Barrie Barton takes stories to the stage. In her presentation, she shares how community members, age 25-70 go spelunking for personal stories and movements around a specific theme and then co-create a performance piece- including choreography and spoken word.

Her presentation reveals the creativity, compassion and courage and ultimate liberation kindled through this process. Barrie reveals participant’s poignant stories from a lifetime secret to a recovering heroine addict. The stories cover the full spectrum of the human condition.

Through telling our stories, "We are seen and heard. We Belong. We are not alone. We a part of a much larger story."