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And Now For Something Completely Different: Bog Snorkelling


Shayna McConville helps manage Rosewood Arts Centre and the public art program with the City of Kettering. She is a strong believer in the arts and its impact on healthy communities, and when not jumping into bogs, enjoys visiting arts and cultural destinations around the world.

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The Adventure Bum

@ VOL 19 ON AUG 15, 2013

Jon Heller speaks on his journey from outdoor explorer to nature photographer as he pursues his ong-term interests in hiking, nature, and travel. What started out as a hobby has become the idea for a fully-fledged adventure magazine, where others can share their stories of adventure and exploration. 

"Presentation of the Day" on October 4, 2014.

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5 Gardeners Walk into a BOG Meeting

@ VOL 2 ON MAR 17, 2015

Jenna Cowie speaks about how connectivity through social events and organisations means a more sustainable way of growing, sharing, and learning about food. 

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Double Jeopardy... or Double Indemnity... or Something...

@ VOL 4 ON MAY 26, 2016

Jonathan Eagle describes a memorable weekend... a journey... and the aftermath... all thanks to a bottle of whiskey.

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Painting Nepal - Documenting the Adventure

@ VOL 4 ON MAR 02, 2017

Meredith Meeks shares the experience of artists going through a transformational period in their career. Bruce Aiken is a world renowned painter of the Grand Canyon and has devoted his life to capturing its beauty through his artwork. Now he has left the bottom of the world's most iconic canyon, to travel to top of the world - the Himalayas. For 33 years, Bruce lived in the Canyon with his wife and children, relentlessly painting the scenery around him. At age 66, Bruce was rattling his cage. His goal was to paint different scenery. But what he discovered was something different -neither expected nor calculated. Tashi Tsering is a mountain guide and community leader from Nepal. He met Bruce while guiding him through the Himalaya to Gokyo Ri - the ideal vantage point for Bruce's paintings. On their trek, Tashi shared his life altering story from the Gorkha Earthquake in 2015. He lost his wife, his daughter, and members of his extended family. His home village of Langtang lost their elders, their homes, and their economic lifeline - the tourism industry. Tashi is currently working to rebuild his village and preserve their culture for future generations. He told Bruce of the reconstruction efforts that begun immediately following the earthquake in April 2015. Tashi's story moved Bruce to go to Langtang to witness the devastation firsthand. Bruce started taking in beyond the landscape - but began painting people.

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Trying Something Different

@ VOL 30 ON MAR 15, 2017

Light Artist, Tom Lynch, shares his unexpected results after projecting images onto natural canvases including waterfalls, cliff sides and giant rocks. Gradual success has led him to persue more ambitious artworks and encourages us to be creative and try something different with the tools we have.

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My Big Adventure

@ VOL 14 ON MAR 06, 2018

Jo Twiselton's story is about her big adventure and the life-long lessons going to live in another country taught her.

Don't underestimate the power of adventure. 

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Flowing Stillness of Bog Bodies

@ VOL 1 ON SEP 21, 2018

The paintings Lidija Vukovic creates are shaped by the idea of Bog bodies, the ancient human remains that have been long preserved and discovered in Bog’s wetlands in Northern Europe, Great Britain and Ireland. She also integrates her experience with three-dimensional artwork. Through her work she seeks to connect the human body and memories, to represent the organic world as emotions still living within grass and branches. These emotions scream to be noticed and never forgotten. Nature shows the short life spans of living beings. But the dynamic existence of every shape connects us to the memory of these beings.

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How We Perceive (and Misperceive) Different Cultures

@ VOL 14 ON DEC 06, 2018

Uwe Bratz is a master carpenter who grew up in Germany before living in Ethiopia and now Canada. Living as a local in different places has sharpened his awareness of the perception – and misperception – people have of different cultures.

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Opportunity in Adventure

@ VOL 7 ON APR 05, 2019

Creating the life you want can be a challenging endeavor, so you better be prepared to embrace success when it comes your way. Photographer Alex Strohl began his career by doing just that. He has since parlayed his early successes into new adventures and continued freedom to travel the world. Now he and his wife make a living taking photographs of their worldwide explorations and sharing their dreams with over 2 million Instagram followers.