Past Tokyo Event: VOL 166

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VOL 166

September 11, 2019
@ The CORE Kitchen/Space

Ready for a night of creative fun? Good, because it's that time again! We're inviting everyone to come and join us on Wednesday, September 11th for the latest installment of PechaKucha Night Tokyo, this time Vol. 166 at, The CORE Kitchen/Space in Shintoranomon! 

Like always, some of the best and most interesting people in Tokyo will be presenting and sharing their creative passions on the CORE's very own stage!!! Join us in spotlighting our city’s creative class at PechaKucha Night Tokyo, Vol. 166!

Doors open at 19:00 (7pm), presentations begin 20:20! (8:20pm). Watch this space for updates. Entrance is ¥1000 -- no need to pre-order -- just come down on the night of!

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Through Craft to Art

@ VOL 166 ON SEP 11, 2019

Julia Zyubyairova realizes her artistic vision through various mediums and artforms, such as graphics, collage, and even dolls, the latter of which she’ll focus on in her upcoming PechaKucha presentation. She’ll elaborate on creating characters and combining modern methods and traditional techniques of Japanese masters to achieve a unique result.


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SOFT DIVIDER - Mesh softly divides the world

@ VOL 166 ON SEP 11, 2019

Award-winning artist, Mimoko Wakatsuki has extensively researched the purposes of mesh materials. She has come to the conclusion that mesh is a divider. Mimoko will present her peculiar findings, research, concepts and artworks. We couldn’t be more delighted! 


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Makers Make

@ VOL 166 ON SEP 11, 2019

Architect Francisco Martínez moved to Japan countryside with his family where he pursues a hands-on living aligned with traditional woodworking in an attempt to create a more direct relation with his creations and community. Makers make.

建築家のFrancisco Martínezは、日本の田舎に家族と移住し、伝統的な木工を駆使したてづくりの生活に挑戦しています。彼の作り出すモノとコミュニティの関係性を深掘りしていきます。

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@ VOL 166 ON SEP 11, 2019

Born in Japan, raised in Kenya, Rui the Artist presents on establishing her quirky interior decor and lifestyle apparel brand 'Kangarui', sharing a mother and daughter collaboration, spreading Safari Love across the globe!

日本生まれケニア育ちのアーティストRuiが立ち上げたインテリア・ファッションブランド'カンガルイ'。その活動とハッピーアニマルアートの紹介を、ケニア好き元気母娘のコラボで、Safari Loveを世界に向け発信します!

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Tokyo Camera Style

@ VOL 166 ON SEP 11, 2019

John Sypal has been documenting Tokyo's photography scene for over a decade. By photographing the cameras of people met on the streets, Tokyo Camera Style has become a celebration of how individuals in Japan incorporate photography into their lives. Having earned a truly global following, this project has helped inspire the current worldwide interest in film photography. 

John は、10年以上に渡って東京の写真家たちをフィーチャーし続けてきた。彼は彼のブログTokyo Camera Styleで、日本人の生活の中でカメラとは、写真とは何かを考え続ける。日本だけではなく世界中にその羽を伸ばして、Johnは今もなお世界のカメラシーンに大きな影響を及ぼしている。

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The Meaning of Akiti

@ VOL 166 ON SEP 11, 2019

Akiti is the Japanese word for “vacant land” - Akiti architects, Kuniichiro & Ai Yoshida get their inspiration from excitement of possibility of realizing what can exist in that “akiti”. Bringing the potential of the land to its fullest, they keep on finding ways in which keep architecture open, instead of letting architecture close the land it stands on.  

何もないのに何かある、何かできそうとついつい考え始めてしまうような場所のイメージ。その場所が持つポテンシャルを最大限引き出すべく、Akiti Architectsの吉田 州一郎吉田 あいは建築をつくる。建築によって場所を閉じてしまわない、建築の開き方について、二人の考えをプレゼンテーションしてもらおう。

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Memories and Archives: キオクとキロク

@ VOL 166 ON SEP 11, 2019

Artist and RCA graduate Chihiro Gompei explores the concept of home and the sense of rootlessness in contemporary society. She will present her artistic practice reflecting her interdisciplinary background.


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Personal Surrealism

@ VOL 166 ON SEP 11, 2019

Visual Artist and Creative Director at Peter Schmidt Group, Tomoki Uematsu offers some elucidating thoughts on how he utilizes the right and left sides of his brain and his subconscious emotions in the creative processes for both his personal artworks and for his company's clients. He'll share how his left brain quantifies subconscious feelings to deliver in the field of Employer Branding, and how, through his meditation practice and qigong experiences, his right brain drives intuitive creation.

ぺーター・シュミット・グループのビジュアル・アーティスト兼クリエイティブ・ディレクターの上松智樹は、彼の個人的なアートワークとクライアントの両方の創造プロセスで潜在意識の感情を右脳と左脳でどのように活用するかについての説明をします。 彼は、左脳が潜在意識をどのように定量化して雇用主ブランディングの分野で提供するか、そして瞑想の実践と気功の経験を通して右脳が直感的な創造を推進する方法を共有します

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@ VOL 166 ON SEP 11, 2019

Architects, Osamu Nishida and Naoko Mangyoku of ondesign will present a project that their team has recently completed - Kanagawa University New International Dormitory, a vast village-like structure where students can have new opportunities to experience academic life in a shared environment. 
オンデザインの西田 司萬玉 直子が、今年の夏に竣工した神奈川大学新国際学生寮を紹介します。生活のほとんどをシェアスペースで過ごす、まちのような建築のお話です

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The Brilight Zone

@ VOL 166 ON SEP 11, 2019

Prepare to be taken on a most curious journey through the uncharted bowels of a photographer’s creative psyche, a wondrous dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. Follow his photos through a land of light and shadow, between science and superstition, wherein lies the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge, and the answers to the questions pressing us all; "Just who exactly is a Brian Scott Peterson and what makes him tick?" Buckle your seatbelts. We are now about to cross over into ...the Brilight Zone.

Brian Scott Petersonが皆さんを摩訶不思議な旅にお連れします。フォトグラファーのクリエイティブな頭の中、どうなっているか見てみたくないですか?それはきっと宇宙のように広い魅惑の規模感で、無限に感じられる永遠の時のよう。彼の写真から景色の光と影を、真実と虚構の境界線を感じてください。ブライアンの核に迫ったとき、人は本当の恐怖と、この世の真理を知るでしょう。そして我々を苦しめる「Brian Scott Petersonとは一体何者なのか。何が彼をそうさせるのか!」という問いの答えを。シートベルトのご準備を!今からブライライト・ゾーン、Brianの世界に出発します!

Brian Scott Peterson
Photographer, Global Dood, PechaKucha in Tokyo
Osamu Nishida
Architect, Founder of ondesign, ondesign in Tokyo
John Sypal
Photographer in Tokyo
Mimoko Wakatsuki
Artist in Tokyo
Julia Zyubyairova
Artist in Tokyo
Tomoki Uematsu
Artist / Creative director, Peter Schmidt Group Tokyo in Tokyo
Chihiro Gompei
Artist in Tokyo
Francisco Martínez
Architect in Saitama
Kuniichiro & Ai Yoshida
architect, Akiti architects in Tokyo
Rui Yamashita
Artist and Entrepreneur in Kenya
Naoko Mangyoku
Architect, ondesign in Tokyo