Past Hamptons Event: VOL 29

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VOL 29

September 20, 2019
@ Parrish Art Museum

Presenters: Casey Chalem Anderson, Elisabeth Biondi, Gina Bradley, Dell Cullum, Eric Freeman, Michael Heller, Annie Sessler, Marisa Striano

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My Art, My Crusade, My Calling

@ VOL 29 ON SEP 20, 2019

Photographer Dell Cullum's passion for wildlife has taken him around the world, but he calls East Hampton home, surrounded by the amazing ocean, shore sunrises, and an abundance of magnificent wildlife. Dell shoots both in vivid colors and black and white. Although he is best known for his stunningly "close up and personal" wildlife photography, he is well accomplished in ALL genres and styles, particularly landscapes, aerial, action, models and fashion.

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Paddle Diva

@ VOL 29 ON SEP 20, 2019

Gina Bradley is a local author, mother, wife, and founder of Paddle Diva, a Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) business in 2009 from her home base in Springs. She grew up in New York City and has lived in Grand Cayman Island and Cozumel, Mexico, and throughout the Caribbean as a leader in water sports marketing. 

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Artist Annie Sessler

@ VOL 29 ON SEP 20, 2019

Annie Sessler lives, fishes, and creates art in Montauk as a printmaker who practices the specialized art form of the age-old Japanese craft tradition of Gyotaku.

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Artist Casey Chalem Anderson

@ VOL 29 ON SEP 20, 2019

Casey Chalem Anderson, a native of New York City, has been creating oil paintings of the Hamptons landscape since she moved to Sag Harbor in 1990. Anderson "makes paintings to bring a sense of tranquility and calm to the people who view them.”

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Spirit's Promise Equine Rescue

@ VOL 29 ON SEP 20, 2019

In 2010, Marisa Striano left her life in Port Washington behind to move to the North Fork and start a new journey providing a home for horses that are unwanted, abused, or too old to work. And for the past six years, she and her daughter, Jessie Siegel, have been doing just that at their Baiting Hollow organization, Spirit’s Promise Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation.

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Fire Service Photographer

@ VOL 29 ON SEP 20, 2019

Michael Heller, is a photojournalist for the Sag Harbor Express, one enduring passion has always been photographing for the fire service. During his tenure as a 30+ year active member of the East Hampton Fire Department and photographer for fire service publications such as Fire News, Firehouse Magazine, Fire Engineering Magazine and National Fire & Rescue.

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Everything is Abstract

@ VOL 29 ON SEP 20, 2019

Eric Freeman is an artist based in New York City. Freeman was born in Brooklyn. He paints on linen with oils, creating abstract landscapes which reference Color Field painting and optical illusions. 

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Elisabeth Biondi

@ VOL 29 ON SEP 20, 2019

Elisabeth Biondi has been an independent curator, teacher and writer since 2011. Before that she was the Visuals Editor of The New Yorker for 15 years, where she shaped the look of the publication by establishing a group of staff photographers, commissioning both masters and emerging talent. She built the magazine’s reputation for its use of photography, for which it received numerous awards, including two National Magazine Awards.