Past Baton Rouge Event: VOL 12

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VOL 12

May 11, 2019
@ LSU Museum of Art / Bert and Sue Turner Gallery

PechaKucha Night Baton Rouge Vol. XII is coming up on Saturday, May 11, 2019! 

LSU Museum of Art / Bert and Sue Turner Gallery
100 Lafayette St. 
3rd floor of Shaw Center for the Arts 

Happy (half) Hour: 5:15-5:45pm
Presentations: 5:45-6:45pm 

$10 admission / cash and card accepted at the door
Includes wine and hors d'oeuvres

Don't miss the final event of our 3rd year doing PechaKucha Night in Baton Rouge! 


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Pardon the Distraction

@ VOL 12 ON MAY 11, 2019

According to Justin Lemoine, he doesn't really have much of an attention span. As a kid, it got him into trouble pretty much every day, and as a teenager and young adult, it just made his life more difficult than it should have been. In his 30s, though, he's found a way to put his frenzied "mess of a brain" to work doing [probably] way more things than he should be doing. And it seems to be working.

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something’s missing: baptizing the imagination bound by whiteness

@ VOL 12 ON MAY 11, 2019

Up until about three years ago, the books Noelle Allison read had been almost exclusively written by white authors, about white people. She could count on one hand the number of Black authors she had read. This was not a deliberate choice, it just seemed to be the natural order of things. When she began to deliberately seek out and read writings of Black people and other Peoples of Color, she discovered just how stunted and cramped her imagination was, which awakened a previously unrecognized thirst for a wider "scope for the imagination" and more complete experience of the Human Story.

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Life, Death, and Nancy Grace

@ VOL 12 ON MAY 11, 2019

Her ability to sensationalize any crime, turning it in to a soap opera of sorts. That hair, that southern twang, the funny little nick-names she assigns a suspect. (Tot Mom...that’s genius). The way she’ll literally turn someone’s mic off that she’s interviewing if they express an opinion that contradicts hers. It’s all hilariously entertaining to Leea Russell

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Subjectification Station

@ VOL 12 ON MAY 11, 2019

The World Health Organization describes sexuality as "a central aspect of being human," but sexual culture often buries this truth. In this talk, Rebecca Marchiafava centers sexuality as a topic worthy of public discussion and reflection, poses some complex questions, and shares concepts and insights to help us better navigate sexual culture and our sexual lives.

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Red King, White Dog, Black Cat

@ VOL 12 ON MAY 11, 2019

The older he gets the more acutely Ara Rubyan is aware that maybe, perhaps, some experience he's having will be "the last one" of its kind. This is bittersweet. And, as time goes on, these experiences get closer and closer together until, he imagines, every single sunrise or sunset will be almost unbearably beautiful.

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Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?

@ VOL 12 ON MAY 11, 2019

How do we hold on to our inner child? One way is to cherish the influences of our childhood. In this talk, Chelsea Harris, aka Chelsea Wellsee, Miss Wellsee, Che Che, Chaneesa, Eight, Happy Hour, Charleston Chew, Chelsea Ann, Lilttle Ann, will share how she applies the pop culture of her youth to a way of life. This is a tour through a kid's imagination and curiosity as embodied in a 30-something. As a wise man once said, life moves pretty fast, and Mr. Beuller and his fellow 80s icons continue to remind Chelsea, and all of us, not to take it so seriously.

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Why Did the Famous Person Play with the Glue?

@ VOL 12 ON MAY 11, 2019

So maybe you went to school with someone famous, and maybe he made a fool of himself one day in shop class. You might tell the story over dinner and at parties for decades, honing your delivery. But what's the point? What purpose does the anecdote really serve? You may not find out until late in life, and when you do find out, you may come to understand the healing power of story. Or, at least, that's how it happened for Angus Woodward

Angus Woodward
Writer in Baton Rouge
Leea Reese Russell
Director of Education and Community Engagement , Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge in Baton Rouge
Noelle Allison
Wanderer in Baton Rouge
Raymond Tucker
Suicidologist and Clinical Psychologist in Baton Rouge
Rebecca Marchiafava
sexual subject in Baton Rouge
Ara Rubyan
Red King in Baton Rouge
Chelsea Harris
A Total 80s Baby in Baton Rouge
Justin Lemoine
It's Complicated in Baton Rouge