Past Johannesburg Event: VOL 21

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VOL 21

March 25, 2019
@ Skoobs Theatre of Books

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Why Should Companies Spend To Train Employees?

@ VOL 21 ON MAR 25, 2019

Audrey Mphela is an inspirational, enthusiastic professional with energy and passion. With her exceptional interpersonal skills, she is able to relate to any person’s demographic. She is an effective communicator. She has an excellent service spirit and exceptional leadership skills. She is the owner of LEAD IN TUNE (PTY) LTD. The company focuses on business and person development. She also offers Training to store owners, store managers and system operators. She was awarded Best Project Manager in the organization in 2013.

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To Be, or Not To Be; That Is The Question

@ VOL 21 ON MAR 25, 2019

Dr Corné Davis is senior lecturer at the Department of Strategic Communication at University of Johannesburg where she teaches both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Strategic Communication and supervises master’s degree students. She is known for her work as a gender-based violence activist and she is a Trustee of Matla a bana, a well-known NGO that campaigns against child rape and secondary abuse. While she is predominantly known as an academic and expert in the field of strategic communication, she is starting her career as a motivational speaker with a primary focus on personal development and wellbeing.

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Bound. Real People. Real Rope. Real Photography

@ VOL 21 ON MAR 25, 2019

Gerry Pelser is a de-facto house-husband living in Johannesburg. He has one wife, two dogs, three bedrooms and a mortgage. When he is not busy looking after dogs or folding the sheets, he takes photos and writes books. He has a lighter side though: he likes to dabble in the art and psychology of BDSM, especially Japanese rope bondage, which is what his talk is about tonight. He is obsessed with photographic lighting and chicken wings, and if you buy him a beer, he will tell you anything you want to know.

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The Unexplored Universe

@ VOL 21 ON MAR 25, 2019

Honest Ncube is a dynamic individual who loves seeing other people grow. He has founded a computer school, a charity organization called Cosmo Little Hands, a youth leadership training program and has served as the Vice President of Toastmasters 4th Dimension. His many training initiatives work hand-in-hand with Htalk Coaching and Training and StaffConnect.

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Mastering Stress

@ VOL 21 ON MAR 25, 2019

Kathy Mann is a writer. She is passionate about guiding people towards their best life possible through her writing, workshops and speaking. Kathy has extensive knowledge of positive psychology, or the science of happiness. She shares research-based strategies of how to build a happy life, with lessons of her own journey through illness. She is the author of Avoiding Burnout and is currently writing Mastering Stress. Kathy is married and is the mother of two beautiful daughters.

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Fashion Your Future

@ VOL 21 ON MAR 25, 2019

Michelle Mills is passionate about dancing, and funds her passion with network marketing, online course creation, book sales and speaking events. She’s also the MD of her husband’s SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment and Quality) business. She has been a Competent Toastmaster since 1994; is a co-author of 20 Beautiful Women (Africa Edition) and has spoken at 22 different events in the last three years including the International SHERQ Conference in 2018 where she presented on types of goals. When Michelle is not working on her upcoming book (and associated presentation and online course), you'll find her dancing, sewing or playing mud-pies (gardening)

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Ki Akido: The Way Of Harmony

@ VOL 21 ON MAR 25, 2019

Jan Robberts has had over 30 years of experience managing people in more than 10 countries, which gives him a clear insight to how people feel or treat each other in their personal and business environment. There is a tremendous need to focus on our youth and support their growth as bullying, low self-esteem, and uncertainty about an ever faster changing world is causing unprecedented numbers of youth suicide, stress, and the need for anti-depressant medicines and treatment. Jan always says: "It is better to prepare them than to repair them". He is personally mentored by two leading experts in the world; John Maxwell and Les Brown and through that development is able to add value to people's lives as a leadership coach, mentor, speaker, and values based leadership specialist. He has been part of teams to support the start of transformation in Guatemala and Paraguay where they trained 19,000 Facilitators and this summer both he and Arthie were in Ireland to support a similar start up with smaller numbers. His core focus is continuous development by studying the latest innovative and international practices in Leadership, Coaching, Speaking and youth development.

Audrey Mphela
in Johannesburg
Jan Robberts
in Johannesburg