Past Stillwater Event: VOL 3

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April 02, 2019
@ Modella Art Gallery

Ticket information

  • Ticket is available in the following location until April 1.
    District Bicycles / Balanced Coffee
  • Online: 
      $10 + fee until April 1.
      $15 on April 2.
  • $15 (April 2, 2019) at the event venue. Cash only.
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the words in my head

@ VOL 3 ON APR 02, 2019

We begin with chaos, the incessant drumming of a restless mind. A journey through emotion follows – feeling to the nth degree. Deconstruction seeks order in the confusion. Negotiation hatches a sense of reconciliation. Words emerge, carrying a fresh understanding and myriad new questions. This, for me, is writing.

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Deep Magic

@ VOL 3 ON APR 02, 2019

The power of place and people is transcendent. Experimental juxtapositions of the two provide unique opportunities for growth. This relationship is explored traveling rim to rim through the Grand Canyon in the company Woody Guthrie, with help from Robert Zimmerman.

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Tending the Roots and Closing the Loops

@ VOL 3 ON APR 02, 2019

Mary Richelle Wilson delves into her creative process and life philosophy, as she builds a picture of the personal ethic that she strives to apply in all areas of her life. She actively pursues in her own life the beauty that nature inspires, a healthy human connection to our home (the earth as a whole and the local ecosystems), sustainable life choices, intentional community and relationships, self-expression; and above all, personal growth. She finds great significance in the innumerable connections that bind us all together, and goes about life with the intention of being part of and creating strong, mutually beneficial, bonds with other creatives through a patient and sustainable path toward deep and meaningful relationships in localized communities.

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A collector of sounds

@ VOL 3 ON APR 02, 2019

Nature, music, art, literature, architecture, and technology all serve as inspirations, setting craft into motion. Guitar is the principal medium of composition and expression. Learning begins and continues with listening and communing in a vocational manner. Formal studies establish the language and practical application. My name is Walter Kelly. I am a collector of sounds.

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3D shadows of 4D art

@ VOL 3 ON APR 02, 2019

Mathematics and Art might seem to be about as different as two disciplines can be. But they share an affinity for fictional worlds: both mathematicians and artists are permitted to ask "What if" questions, that aren't required to have anything to do with the real world. I'll try to explain a sculpture based on one of these questions: "What if space had more than three dimensions?"

Morgan Robinson
Sculptor * Designer in Stillwater,OK
Henry Segerman
Mathematician and Mathematical Artist, Oklahoma State University in Stillwater
Walter Kelly
Collector of Sounds, Director of Bands, Rogers State University in Stillwater
Nicholas Nelson
Designer, Pacheco Koch in Hudson Oaks, Texas
Sean Ball
Art Director/Designer, Freelance in Oklahoma City
Mary Richelle Wilson
Artist in Stillwater, Oklahoma
Kim Toscano Holmes
Writer, EarthBound in Stillwater
Nicole Ponkilla
Native American Artist/ Dancer in Sapulpa, Oklahoma