Past Stockholm Event: VOL 65

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VOL 65

March 27, 2019
@ Svensk Form

PechaKucha, the presentation format which started in Tokyo, Japan has become a worldwide success with over 1,500 cities producing events to showcase speakers from the creative industries.

In Stockholm, the event rights belong to Svensk Form and New Zealand born Leigh Fitzjames. 


Simon Skinner, designer, Ung Svensk Form 2019

Emily Freeland, Astronomer

Tonje Halvorsen, designer, Ung Svensk Form 2019
"My Obsession"

Jan Klingler, designer, Ung Svensk Form 2019
"Bacteria - in a new light"

Antonio Tengroth, Actor/Teacher/Director

Leigh Fitzjames, tonight's MC
Surprise PechaKucha


Thumb 19 tonje

My Obsession

@ VOL 65 ON MAR 27, 2019

We have all heard stories about the suffering artist. The question Tonje Halvorsen asked herself was: who am I as an artist, and does art require pain? 1 collection. 21 garments, 500,000 safety pins, 1,500,000 beads and 7,000 hours later. What was her answer? Obsession. Tonje's artistry is characterised by an obsession, which in the past two years has been prioritised over her health, relationships and job. An obsession that has cost me some of my most valuable possession: time.

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@ VOL 65 ON MAR 27, 2019

These Afropick combs are inspired by people with afro hair. The picks are designed to suit various types of afro hair and hairstyles. Material: Acrylic plastic, incorporated hair, 3D-printed PLA plastic, 3D-printed steel. The Afropicks are made for those of us with afro hair and are a symbol of black pride to many people. By developing new picks (perhaps the first Swedish Afropicks in history), Simon Skinner wanted to contribute something that feels fun and also to say something important. 

Tonje Halvorsen
in Stockholm
Simon Skinner
in Stockholm