Past Perth Event: VOL 23

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The Art of Gelato

@ VOL 23 ON FEB 26, 2019

Carly De Bartolo studied the art of making gelato in Bologna and are committed to raising the bar in quality and flavour combinations. Chicho Gelato collaborate with local producers and use WA ingredients. Chicho make their own flavours from scratch free from artificial colours/flavours and preservatives.

They began their venture with authentic gelato carts and are on the verge of opening Perth's first legitimate gelateria in the heart of Northbridge.

The name Chicho comes from the Italian term of endearment ‘Ciccio’, a nickname given to cheeky Italian children. The saying is said with a twist of the cheek.

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The Beauty of Everyday Design

@ VOL 23 ON FEB 26, 2019

Kelvin Janissen Looks into designers that are keeping traditional, beautiful craftmanship alive. 

Kelvin is the Manager/Buyer at Dilettante in Perth Australia.

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Ohlo Studio - Design Circus - Ceasarstone

@ VOL 23 ON FEB 26, 2019

Under the direction of Founder, Interior Architect and Artist Jen Lowe, the work of Ohlo Studio is guided by the principles of distinctiveness, consideration and endurance.

The Slot Table and Annular Sconce are currently being manufactured for the 2019 Design Circus event by Mobilia. 

Design Circus has collaborated with Caesarstone for an  exhibition featuring Western Australia’s leading architects and designers. Held at  COMO The Treasury, ‘Mobilia & Friends x Caesarstone' invites local designers to create a piece of furniture or art that utilises Caesarstone and takes cues from the reductionist style of Anastassiades.

These one-of-a-kind pieces will be available through a silent auction, with all proceeds going to Autism West and Camp Quality.

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State of Kin - Interior Design Perth

@ VOL 23 ON FEB 26, 2019

State of Kin is a multi-faceted studio who encompass all aspects of a project. We are a collective of designers, builders, project managers and craftsmen. State of Kin came together for one purpose and that was - to create exceptional spaces.

Ale + Amy focus on the interiors department of State of Kin. 

Ceasarstone product for Design Circus 2019.

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Monsterella Pizza

@ VOL 23 ON FEB 26, 2019

Tania Nicolo + Ryan Bookless: Monsterella + Mummucc'

The Monsterella specialty is their handmade wood fired pizza. They also serve up traditional Italian street food, homemade Italian pasta & insalata.

Their pizzas are 100% handmade and naturally risen for 48 hours. All their pizza sauce is made with San Marzano tomatoes.

Their little girl thinks all cheese is Mozzarella, and when it comes to Pizza, they tend to agree!

However, when she wants it, she asks for “Monsterella”.

For them it says it all and every time she blurts it out it brings a little smile to their faces. They often can’t help but think there’s a little Monsterella in all of us.

After all, they were all little Monsterella’s at one point!

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Design Stables

@ VOL 23 ON FEB 26, 2019

Design Stables is a collective of culturally aligned design studios who partner on select projects to deliver exceptional solutions on projects of all scales.

Ceasarstone design for Design Circus 2019.

Zenifa Bowring is a director at Rezen Studio, "I find joy in the journey of design, the conversation and exchange of energy that creates new realities. AUthentic connection fules the vision which leads to sensitive solutions."

Fiona Chong is a director at Templewell Studio, "I believe in creating bespoke, curated design solutions for each client. I have a passion for art and design, and am interested in the ways in which life, work and play can be enhanced within a beautifully considered built environment."

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The Culture of Natural Wine

@ VOL 23 ON FEB 26, 2019

Tom Van Beem:

Professional Wine Pourer, Wines of While in Perth Australia

On a journey to share the world of natural wine in bars and living rooms near you

Tom Van Beem
Professional Wine Pourer, Wines of While in Perth
Zenifa Bowring
Interior Architect, Design Stables in Perth
Kelvin Janissen
Manager/Buyer, Dilettante in Perth
Jack Viner
Director, VINER Studio in Perth
Carly De Bartolo
Business Owner, chicho gelato in perth
Jen Lowe
Designer, Ohlo Studio in South Fremantle
Tania Nicolo
Hospitality, Monsterella/Mummucc' in Perth
Ale + Amy
Interior Designer, State of Kin in Perth