Past Chicago Event: VOL 49

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VOL 49

March 12, 2019
@ Martyrs'

"It's a girl gang
Boy, you wish you could join
It's a sure thing
We're taking over the world"

10 or so of Chicago's most powerful citizens show and tell us how its done.

Do not miss this one. Tickets on sale now

Lyrics by Gin Wigmore - see the video here. Poster by Amy Gozalka.

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You Too Can Be A [Girl] Businessman

@ VOL 49 ON MAR 12, 2019

Here's a fantastic 101 on becoming successful in the business world. 

Liz Fischer is a native Chicagoan and a new mother. She is chief marketing officer at a growing technology company called CityBase. She is equal parts cyclist, train commuter, and Über enthusiast.

Sharon Exley
Procurer of Art, Beauty & Curiosity, Fun Finders in Chicago
Katherine Darnstadt
Architect + Nice Lady, Latent Design
Hilary Hansen
Project Manager for Exhibitions, The Field Museum in Chicago
Samantha Shui
landscape designer, site in Chicago
Oona O'Leary
comedian, writer, producer in Chicago
Carol Ross Barney
Architect, Ross Barney Architects in Chicago
Khit Masoud
Founder of Blessons, Blessons for Women in Chicago
Jade Maze
Author, Singer & Lyricist, Self in Chicago
Caitlin V
Sex & Relationship Coach in Chicago
Esme Carpenter
Digital Experience Specialist in Chicago
Shermin Kruse
Attorney, Author, Human Rights Advocate, Author in Chicago
Liz Fischer
Chief Marketing Officer, CityBase in Chicago