Past Maastricht Event: VOL 37

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How Compassion Healed Me

@ VOL 37 ON JAN 23, 2019

Losing her first daughter shortly before she was born was a life-changing event for Oana Cipca. Now she wants to inspire other people to reach their goals by feeling compassion for others in need and tell them how that helped to heal the traumas in her own life.

Oana Cipca runs a successful foundation helping now almost 100 orphans in Romania to discover and develop their own talents, aiming to give them a purpose in life that helps them choose the positive path in their lives and become World’s future leaders, doctors, researchers, and much more.

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How I Conquered Glossophobia

@ VOL 37 ON JAN 23, 2019

Have you ever heard of glossophobia? Our team member Stella Thomassen used to suffer from glossophobia - until something made her take all actions to overcome this fear. In this presentation, Stella tells us how she conquered her fear of public speaking.

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The Power of Choice

@ VOL 37 ON JAN 23, 2019

Mary Wanjiku Gichuhi who is an international speaker. She shares her experience, lessons learnt as well as practical tools that she has used herself to overcome adversities that will for sure help anyone going through tough times.

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The Organoid Factory

@ VOL 37 ON JAN 23, 2019

The nanobiologist and university professor Peter Peters tells us about a completely new method to cure cancer. He and his team at Maastricht University will make massively tiny organs (or organoids) from healthy and malignant cells and test them on different drugs to find the best drug cocktail for the cancer patient.

Daniel Speek
Baker, self-employed in Maastricht
Stella Thomassen
Research assistant , Maastricht University in Maastricht
Frederik Creemers
student in Maastricht
Oana Cipca
Founder , Stichting Wanna'Help! in KLIMMEN
Serf Doesborgh
Researcher / Project-manager in Utrecht
International Speaker
Fleur van den Elzen
Dramatherapist, U-center in Maastricht
Cengiz Akbulut
PhD Candidate , Biochemistry, CARIM, Maastricht University in Maastricht
Peter Peters
Professor of Nanobiolog Maastricht University, Maastricht University in Maastricht
Elke Gutierrez-Burgos
Aspiring Documentary Filmmaker & Independent researcher