Past Vancouver Event: VOL 47

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VOL 47

November 29, 2018
@ Vancouver Playhouse


Lobby doors open at 6:30; show starts at 7:30.

Tickets go on sale next Thursday, Nov. 8th at 10am through Eventbrite.
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Marianne Amodio - Principal Architect, MA+HG
Caroline Boquist - Co-owner, Walrus

Shelley Bolton - Senior Manager of Social Enterprise PHSCS / Head Chocolate Maker, East Van Roasters
Amber Bruce - Bar Manager, Keefer Bar
Eleanor Chow Waterfall - Chef / Owner, Cadeaux Bakery
Scott Cohen - Principal, scott cohen design
Stefanie Dueck - Metal artist , Stefanie Dueck
Nihal Elwan - Founder, Tayybeh: A Celebration of Syrian Cuisine
Russell Hackney - Designer / maker, Russell Hackney Ceramics
Adrian McInnes - Partner / Brand Manager, Strathcona Beer Company
Amélie Nguyen & Vincent Nguyen - Co-founder & Owner, Anh and Chi
Merri Schwartz & Jaydeen Williams - Founder / Board Chair & Development / Communications Director, Growing Chefs Society
Victor Straatman - CEO, Meatme

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Good Times Roll

@ VOL 47 ON NOV 29, 2018

Adrian McInnes talks about the retrospective timeline of his informal training as a creative through sub cultures and his professional journey.
This journey has led him to his current role at Strathcona Beer Company, where he contribute to the overall experience of the brand, from the creation of merchandise, artwork and packaging to the music playlists and overall experience of the tasting room.
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Bean-to-Bar, Ashram-to-East Vancouver

@ VOL 47 ON NOV 29, 2018

Shelley Bolton starts by talking about being from Vancouver and a little bit about her family and then her travel through Europe and working on farms. She also talks about India and 3 years in an ashram. Then about coming back to Vancouver and having a (pirate) son and then working in the film industry. Then she talks about starting East Van Roasters and the steep learning curve on how to make bean-to-bar chocolate, where it comes from and how they process it. She also touches on the social enterprise and the employment program and how it all fits together in the café, the chocolate making and the coffee roasting program.

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Liquid Design

@ VOL 47 ON NOV 29, 2018

From a young age, Amber has always had a bit of offbeat humour, and weird creativity. From deciding that a pumpkin bucket was the appropriate hat to wear to the grocery store, to making paper mâché fleas, her parents were integral in supporting her creative motives.  She has accumulated a number of accolades such as many regional and national titles, and as Bartender of the Year by the Georgia Straight.
With a background in architecture, design, and hospitality, she now leads the creative team at the Keefer Bar, and volunteers as the Communications Director at the Canadian Professional Bartenders Association.
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The Family Biz

@ VOL 47 ON NOV 29, 2018

Amélie Nguyen and Vincent Nguyen photographed these 20 pictures that depict the story behind Anh and Chi, illustrating the brother and duo who created a place to gather, share foods, stories, and experiences. These siblings learned the value of hard work, watching their refugee parents create a life for their family. Through loss, they turned their family-owned restaurant into a legacy, one that continues the journey their parents started. As Anh and Chi has grown, the core values on family, hard work, and integrity have remained. In doing so, it has created opportunities, as well as a new meaning to the word “family”, “brother” and “sister”.

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From Table to Farm

@ VOL 47 ON NOV 29, 2018

Eleanor Chow Waterfall will be speaking about her upbringing and living in a small farming community. There will be a brief glimpse into her work as a pastry chef and about opening a business then a bit about how starting a family and working in the food industry has brought her back to the farm she grew up on.

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Growing Chefs

@ VOL 47 ON NOV 29, 2018

Merri will begin the presentation, sharing a bit about her upbringing in the Kootenays and her early years as a chef. She will talk about the disconnect she observed and how this brought her to starting Growing Chefs! - "Most people had no idea where their food came from. Local food systems, producers, growers, and ecosystems were a mystery to most. I didn’t quite have the vocabulary to express it, but I knew something about our food system wasn’t right.”

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Meat Me!

@ VOL 47 ON NOV 29, 2018

Victor Straatman walks through his journey from "unconscious carnivore" to spearheading a growing industry bringing ethically-raised, sustainably produced and locally sourced meat to British Columbians. The community of “conscious carnivores” is growing and the PechaKucha audience will walk away wanting to know more about food supply-chain transparency.

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Casting a New Path

@ VOL 47 ON NOV 29, 2018

Russell Hackney gives an inspiring presentation about his obsession for ceramics and art, in general. He is a third generation potter, having learnt a lot of technical parts of being a potter from his father. He carried on his family's legacy by exploring to the limits of what is possible with pottery.

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Dialects of Architecture

@ VOL 47 ON NOV 29, 2018

This presentation comprises a brief look at some of the projects Scott Cohen has been involved with since establishing his practice in 2001. Specific focus has been given to restaurants and bars. It is his wish to convey,  through photos and words, how he works with context and cultural undercurrents, to create unique places within the city. Modern architecture has the capacity and responsibility to expand its scope, and to learn multiple dialects, so that it may speak from a diversity of independent voices. By understanding how to manifest these idiosyncratic  desires into built form, we help create the pulsating beat of an inspired city.

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Stories in Metal

@ VOL 47 ON NOV 29, 2018

Stefanie Dueck presentation is about the unique histories behind handmade objects. She discusses her background, the stories behind some specific pieces, and how the story of her work develops as it's passed on to others.

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From Punk-Based to Plant-Based

@ VOL 47 ON NOV 29, 2018

From punk to plant-based cuisine, Shira Blustein (owner of The Acorn & The Arbor) and Brian Luptak (Executive Chef) show off vegetables and the amazing potential they offer when matched with quality and creativity 

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