Past Hamptons Event: VOL 26

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VOL 26

December 07, 2018
@ Parrish Art Museum

Presenters: Raymond Dowd, Inda Eaton, Deborah Klughers, Don Lenzer, Linh VIVACE, Ned Smyth, DJ TWILO, Tonito Valderrama

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A Year In My Life, Keeping Bees

@ VOL 26 ON DEC 07, 2018

Master Beekeeper Deborah Klughers, of the Eastern Agricultural Society of North America is the owner of Bonac Bees in Easthampton, NY. HoneyBee advocate, mentor of all levels of Beekeepers and seller of award winning honey and hive products. Deborah shares her knowledge of honeybee biology and the expertise of proper beekeeping.

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Deep Autumn or The Story of a Late Bloomer

@ VOL 26 ON DEC 07, 2018

Don Lenzer is an award-winning documentary director and cameraman who is best known for his cinema verite work covering a wide variety of cultural and social subjects. With credits in multiple academy award winning films, Don gives us insight of the man behind the camera.


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From Murder to Museums: Current Controversies over Nazi Looted Art

@ VOL 26 ON DEC 07, 2018

Lawyer and Law professor, Raymond Dowd. He lectures widely on copywright and Nazi Looted Art, and serves on the board of governors of The National Arts Club. Ray takes us behind the story of historires greatest robbery which has been hidden behind histories greatest murder.

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Shelter in Place

@ VOL 26 ON DEC 07, 2018

After a lifetime of traveling, it's fair to say that Inda Eaton and the road are more than just friends. Americana roots rock Singer, songwriter, and storyteller, Eaton dives into her life on the road that inspired her latest album "Shelter in Place".

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@ VOL 26 ON DEC 07, 2018

Born in a refugee camp in Malaysia to Vietnamese boat people and raised in north Washington State. Now a physicist and engineer Linh Vivace developed a passion for oil painting when she was 15 and has been painting ever since. After exhibiting her work across multiple shows in Seattle a new oppurtunity brings her to New York where she continues to grow in her art.

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Evolution of Imagery

@ VOL 26 ON DEC 07, 2018

Ned Smyth has been showing his work since 1974, and has been featured in museums and galleries around the world. The beginnings of his work was in the minimal tradition expanding to include architectural references and the creation of architectural spaces. Now he uses his collection of wood and stone to create monumental pictures and bronzes. He stresses that the art of this work comes from the seeing and finding of these objects.

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Human/Nature: A Passion For Environmental Art

@ VOL 26 ON DEC 07, 2018

Tonito Valderrama is a international exhibiting environmental artist and educator. He has had a focus on local enviromental issues such as deforrestation and endangered species, and studied birds of prey, botany, and Long Island's varied eco-systems. Tonito shares with us his passion for art and nature.

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My Godmother's Gramophone

@ VOL 26 ON DEC 07, 2018

DJ Twilo's life has revolved around recording and producing music. Since the age of 13 she has worked in recording studios for a variety of different artists, including Bjork, Alicia Keys, Beck, and many more. Her talent to curate the right music for any moment or event has lead her to be one of the most sought after DJs on the east coast.

Inda Eaton
Singer Songwriter Storyteller, Authentic Productions in East Hampton
Artist, Physicist, Engineer