Past Stillwater Event: VOL 2

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November 01, 2018
@ Stillwater Designs - Kicker

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$10 (Until Oct 31, 2018), Cash only.
- Several locations in Downtown Stillwater: District Bicycles, Balanced Coffee, and Modella Art Gallery.
- Online:
  * $1.55 online processing fee will be charged.

$15 (Nov 1, 2018) at the door. Cash only.

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Puterka Fine Art; 3D & 2D designs

@ VOL 2 ON NOV 01, 2018

Katy Puterka was raised in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. Puterka works primarily in jewelry making and secondarily in watercolor. She completed her Bachelors of Fine Arts at Oklahoma State University in May of 2015. Puterka’s artwork has been featured in Oklahoma’s Tallgrass Art Gallery, Kasum Gallery, Oklahoma Contemporary, Niche Awards Gallery, Graphite Elements & Design Art Gallery, Gardiner Art Gallery, Hardesty Center for Fablab, and locally exhibited in Stillwater.

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A Growing Passion

@ VOL 2 ON NOV 01, 2018

Steve Owens is a Nurseryman, Plant Hunter and Gardener. He holds BS and MS degrees in Horticulture from OSU and is a former Host, writer and producer of the popular TV program, Oklahoma Gardening. Steve is the author of ‘Best Garden Plants for Oklahoma’ and frequently lectures at gardening venues throughout Oklahoma and surrounding states. He and his wife Ruth are the owners of Bustani Plant Farm, a specialty nursery in Stillwater that grows and offers unique out-of-the-ordinary plants.

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@ VOL 2 ON NOV 01, 2018

Fresh off the boat. Born and raised in Japan. Yu Takebe started creating artworks in early ages, inspired by organic patterns, calligraphy, and Japanese folk arts. He enjoys finding new materials every time he moves to a new city with his wife.

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The Power of Constraints

@ VOL 2 ON NOV 01, 2018

Living and breathing a digital 3D design-centric career which stretches well beyond the typical domain of an architect, Stan Carroll, a 25-year practitioner, regularly tests the limits of form and function. His work spans from the design ideas to the hands-on fabrication within the domains of furniture design, building design, urban place making, and large public art. In 2009 Carroll was surprised by a seemingly trivial decision to learn computer coding. This decision ultimately transformed his career in the most profound way. By providing access to complex 3D forms previously inaccessible with 20th-century tools his entire design process was redefined. For the past ten years, Carroll has taken advantage of the new found computational methodologies in a variety of ground breaking works of public art; the largest of which was created during his role as co-designer on the award-winning SkyDance Pedestrian Bridge in Oklahoma City.
Once the bridge was completed, Carroll found himself in what seemed like a computational desert. Inspired by the new possibilities offered by computation, Carroll could recognize an even greater potential of these new tools but without other nearby collaborators in the computational field, he found himself unable to move beyond the initial plateau. Not deterred by the current environment, as a lifelong learner, Carroll moved to develop his computational design skills further by obtaining a master’s degree at age 53 in London in a computational design program.
Since returning to Oklahoma, Carroll completed a four hear stint teaching undergraduate design studios and computation at OSU School of Architecture. He continues to pursue public art and is currently completing the construction phase of a $2.3 million memorial for a World War II hero in Waco, Texas which he won in a design competition among 26 other competitors. The Doris Miller Memorial is scheduled to be completed by December 2018.

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Func Emp Bio Design

@ VOL 2 ON NOV 01, 2018

Aditya Jayadas is an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Design, Housing & Merchandising at OSU. He received his Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering with a Human Factors and Ergonomics emphasis from Texas Tech University in 2013. He is a member of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society and American Society of Biomechanics. He teaches Problem Solving Strategies, Research Methods, Wicked Problems, Empathic Design, and Anthropometry & Ergonomics in Design. His research interests include: falls in older individuals, low back pain in police officers and blood flow issues with prolonged sitting. When he is not teaching or doing research, he likes to spend time in nature, watch football and basketball, and cook.

Collaborators: Adriana Petrova, Semra Peksoz and Mihyun Kang

Sketches: Blakelee Stowers

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Joining paths: materials and music

@ VOL 2 ON NOV 01, 2018

Martha Williford Avrett is a graduate of the Juilliard School of Music and studied opera at the Manhattan School. She sang leading roles as a classical mezzo-soprano at Houston Grand Opera. Marriage brought her to Stillwater where she found master teacher, metalsmith Chris Ramsay. She taught 3D design and beginning jewelry at OSU and assisted at Penland and Haystack School of Crafts. Two performances as soloist with the Oklahoma City Philharmonic brought her back into music. Presently she teaches classical voice in the OSU Department of Music.

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Color and Music

@ VOL 2 ON NOV 01, 2018

Ryan Hendrix is the founder of Stillwater based indie rock band Colourmusic. The band has released three albums, “F, Monday, Orange, February, Venus, Lunatic 1 or 13” (2008), “My____ is pink” (2011), and “May You Marry Rich” (2014). Colourmusic's forthcoming album “Swimsuit” is set to be released 2/4/19. Ryan Hendrix is also a lecturer in the music business program at ACM@UCO.

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The Product Design Journey

@ VOL 2 ON NOV 01, 2018

As and Industrial Designer, David Justis is part of a relatively rare breed of creative professionals. For the past ten years he’s provided vision and design direction for the overall look of Kicker’s after-market car audio, home & personal, marine and powersports audio. Through empathy, observation, ideation, concept development, an understanding of materials and process, and copious amounts of sketching, David helps bridge the gap between engineering and aesthetics, which plays an integral role in creating a cohesive look for product lines that reflect a strong brand identity.

David Justis
Industrial Designer, Kicker in Stillwater
Katy Puterka
Jewelry Designer and Painter in Stillwater
Yu Takebe
Artist and Japanese Teacher, Oklahoma State University in Stillwater
Steve Owens
Owner/Horticulturist, Bustani Plant Farm in Stillwater
Aditya Jayadas
Assistant Professor, Oklahoma State University in Stillwater
Martha Avrett
Classical Singer / Jewelry Designer in Stillwater
Stan Carroll
Architect / Artist in Stillwater
Ryan Hendrix
Rock musician in Stillwater