Past Tokyo Event: VOL 160

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VOL 160

October 19, 2018
@ Omotesando Hills
Don't miss PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 160 - DESIGNART Special - on October 19th at Omotesando Hills. It will be a part of PARTY NIGHT Amazon Fashion Week TOKYO × DESIGNART TOKYO
The event at Omotesando Hills will be part of Amazon Fashion Week TOKYO - Organized by Japan Fashion Week Promotion Organization, Session: October 15 (Mon) - October 21 (Sun).
1. Opening Ceremony 17: 00 ~ 17: 20
An opening ceremony will kick off the week, celebrating design, ar, and fashion, where special guests and exhibitors will be announced.
2. PechaKucha Night DESIGNART Special 17: 30 ~ 18: 50
We'll hold a special edition of PKN with 6 presenters including editor-in-chief of "Drop Tokyo", Kazumasa Iwano, and fashion designer Aoshi Tsuno, and others. The full lineup of presenters will be updated over the coming weeks so stay tuned.
3. Session 19: 00 ~ 21: 00
The last session will be a free time for creators and industry leaders from various genres from around the world to meet and interact across barriers of industry and nationality.
Co-sponsored: Japan Fashion Week Promotion Organization, DESIGNART Executive Committee
Ticket application
PKN Tokyo Vol. 160 Facebook page - find out about the presenters!
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Cultural Conduit Design

@ VOL 160 ON OCT 19, 2018

British designer, and Royal College of Art Alumni, Bethan Laura Wood will capture our imaginations with an exploration of some of the award-winning designs that have emerged from her multidisciplinary practice. Her work, characterized by material investigation, artisan collaboration, and a brilliantly colourful passion for detail investigates the relationships we make with objects in our everyday lives, and questions how they can become cultural conduits.

Bethan Laura Woodはイギリスのデザイナーにして、名門Royal College of Artの卒業生。豊富な経験を活かして生み出された素晴らしいデザインは、これまでに数多くの賞を受賞してきた。彼女の作品には、絶え間ない素材の研究、職人さんとの協力、色彩への繊細な心遣いが反映されている。彼女のプレゼンテーションは、私たちと日常の小物との関わり、そして文化への関わりのヒントを教えてくれるかもしれない。

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Drop Tokyo

@ VOL 160 ON OCT 19, 2018

From street snaps over the past ten years, Kazuma Iwano introduces not only popular street styles but also the modern cultural history of Tokyo.


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Insider Outsider

@ VOL 160 ON OCT 19, 2018

PechaKucha is delighted to have writer, editor, creative director, actor, radio personality (and more), Kunichi Nomura take the 20x20 challenge. After publishing Sputnik: Whole Life Catalogue, a collection of interviews of 86 artists from all over the world, he has worked creatively on numerous publications including Studio Voice, Brutus, Eyescream, Oceans, and Grind. He has also made appearances in many acclaimed films and is most recently credited as co-writer, casting director, and voice actor in Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs. His radio show “Antena Traveling Without Moving” can be heard on Jwave 81.3 FM every Sunday.

インタビュー雑誌Sputnikを手掛けたのち様々な雑誌で編集、執筆に関わる。Studio Voice クリエティブディレクターを務めた他ブルータス、アイスクリーム、オーシャンズ、グラインドで連載中。ウェス・アンダーソン監督最新作『犬が島』には原案制作、キャステイングディレクター及び声優として参加。毎週日曜日にJwaveでAntena Travelling Without Movingを放送中。


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From Land Comes Design

@ VOL 160 ON OCT 19, 2018

“Matohu” is a women’s clothing brand based in Omotesando. However, the brand does just not represent clothing. This time we will take a peek into Hiroyuki and Makiko’s beautiful works, and how they bring Japanese culture and history into fashion and design.


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Unfixing Viewpoints

@ VOL 160 ON OCT 19, 2018

Iwasaki's work transforms familiar daily necessities such as toothbrushes, towels, books, and other household items into new forms, challenging our fixed viewpoints. This series, entitled  "Reflection Model" elaborately produces these items with beautiful Hinoki Cypress. In 2017, these works were recognized in the Japan Pavilion of the 57th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale.


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Dress and Future, Drawn by 3D pen

@ VOL 160 ON OCT 19, 2018

Seinan Tsuno takes about the process of creating dresses (which were selected as finalists of ITS International Talent Support) using 3D pen. She’ll also share about the influence of her experience in a psychiatric hospital on her creation, and about her goals from here.


Takahiro Iwasaki
Artist in Hiroshima
Seiran Tsuno
Fashion Designer in tokyo
Kazuma Iwano
Droptokyo Editor in Chief in Tokyo
Bethan Laura Wood
Artist in London
Kunichi Nomura
Editor, Creative Director in Tokyo