Past Silver Spring Event: VOL 14

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VOL 14

November 30, 2018
@ Silver Spring Civic Building

Got something on your mind? The brain is a complex organ made up of neurons, hemispheres, neo cortex, a medul oblongata and a bunch of other stuff. It's used for thinkin. But is that all that the mind is? Does the brain act as a container for the mind or is it synonymous with the mind? Beyond simple function and form, the mind provides so many insights into animal behavior. Psychosis, memory, bodily functions, and reality are just a handful of the myriad questions we have around the mind. Join us as our speakers share their perspectives, views, questions and answer about the mind.

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This is a nonprofit event.

20X20: All of the presentations are exactly 20 slides and each slide is timed to exactly 20 seconds for a total of 6 minutes and 40 seconds. It's the PechaKucha way!

What to expect:

Come to the Silver Spring Civic Building on Friday, November 30, 2018 from 7-9:30PM. Spend the first ~20 minutes chatting with some friends, digging tunes, and enjoying beer, wine and light snacks. Around 7:20PM, we'll have the first half of presenters. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll be full of awe. Intermission. We encourage you to discuss ideas that you heard or considered through the first half. Maybe discuss it with a stranger. We'll have the second half of presenters where you'll go through a similar roller coaster of emotion as before. Afterwards, hang out and chat until we kick you out.


Gwendolyn Bell-Kameka

Dan Reed

Jeff Pass

Mickey Irizarry

Jean Vettel

Marla Mclean

Joey Jones

James Lott

Sponsored by:

Denizens Brewing Co

Fenton Village Inc

Best parking option: 

Town Square Garage 61 Free after 7PM

Wayne Avenue Garage 60 Free after 7PM

We do, however, encourage you to walk, bicycle, take public transit or carpool. Or rollerblade.


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Mind Bomb

@ VOL 14 ON NOV 30, 2018

Jeff Ryan Pass talks about major events and pop culture. He explores music, science fiction and important pieces of media over the last 50 years. Join Jeff as he takes you on a journey through American culture.

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The Brain Signals

@ VOL 14 ON NOV 30, 2018

Dr. Jean Vettel spends a lot of time working on brains. She spends her time studying signals in the brain in order to make lives better. Join her as she looks at MRIs and what they can tell us about the mind.

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The Attitude of the Mind

@ VOL 14 ON NOV 30, 2018

Joey Jones thinks you have an attitude. Why you think what you think is the attitude of the mind. Joey Jones takes us on a journey in order to understand how to change the attitude of the mind.

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Listening to the Minds of Children: An Act of Social Justice

@ VOL 14 ON NOV 30, 2018

Stories from the work of Marla McLean as an Atelierista in a Reggio Emilia Inspired DC Public School. The Atelier (or Art Studio) with the Atelierista as a facilitator, disrupts and expands possibilities within a school. The 100 Languages, (access to and practice with diverse materials, media, making) offer children ages 3-6 the opportunity to make their ideas, wonders, and questions visible. Through carefully thought out projects and provocations, conditions are created for children to develop empathy, altruism, and interconnectedness with the world around them, creating ripples of hope in an unjust world.

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The Truth about Mental Illness

@ VOL 14 ON NOV 30, 2018

James Lott has a lot of experience with mental illness. Listen to his presentation as he clarifies the realities of what mental illness is and is not.

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Mind Over Matter

@ VOL 14 ON NOV 30, 2018

Gwen Bell-Kameka shares her personal journey starting in Jamaica. Learn more about Jamaica and those who came from the island nation to succeed in life. Gwen discusses how the mind is used to navigate trials and obstacles.

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Cognitive Disonance

@ VOL 14 ON NOV 30, 2018

Dan Reed is an urban planner connected to his community. In this presentation, he explores cognitive dissonance and the mental gymnastics individuals have to do in order to avoid hard truths. Listen to Dan discuss some hard truths about public transit and spaces.

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Emotional Labor

@ VOL 14 ON NOV 30, 2018

Emotional labor is a term often used today. In this presentation, Mickey Irizarry breaks down emotional and mental labor as it pertains to women. She discusses both the definition as well as examples. Learn more about emotional labor and how to begin to address imbalances with this presentation.

Marla McLean
Artist/Atelierista in Silver Spring
Mickey Irizarry
Director, Wellness Center, American University in Silver Spring, MD
Dan Reed
Wearer of many hats in Silver Spring, Maryland
Jeffrey Ryan Pass
Information Architect, Digital Strategist, Booz | Allen | Hamilton in Takoma Park
James Lott
Corpse Interpreter, Dead Tree Organiser, Maker of Things