Past St. Augustine Event: VOL 11

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VOL 11

October 22, 2018
@ St. Augustine Amphitheater

Pecha Kucha Night is back in the Nation's Oldest City! As temperatures drop and the veil grows thin, we'll be gathering to explore life's Magic & Mystery on the Front Porch Stage. Mark your calendars. Tell your friends! Join us for an evening of ideas and community amongst the trees this fall at the Amphitheatre. Talks begin at 7pm.

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Magic and Melanin

@ VOL 11 ON OCT 22, 2018

Melanin has been found in everything from outer space to dinosaurs. So what is this magical thing that is produced within our bodies and found all over? Jen O'Loughin walks us through a little science and a little history to try to make it more clear to us. 

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Our Pets, Ourselves

@ VOL 11 ON OCT 22, 2018

How closely linked is our health to our pets' health? Listen to veterinarian Jessica Fusch as she explains why we should pay close attention to the ailments our pets have- it might just save our lives. 

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The Healing Power of Nature and the Stroll for Well-Being

@ VOL 11 ON OCT 22, 2018

Can being in nature be more than just a nice passtime, could it also heal us? Fred Bergen talks to us about the benefits of "forest bathing" and introduces us to something called a "stroll for well-being" and how it has shown to truly benefit people's health. 

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The Second Principle: Ode to the Physics of Magic

@ VOL 11 ON OCT 22, 2018

Gloria Danvers delights with an ode to physics, rhyming us through the magic that we are, how we are all connected as dust of the old stars. 

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Phantom of the Rest Home

@ VOL 11 ON OCT 22, 2018

Travel with Jed Wolf through his journey in finding his audience. Jed was always a performer but couldn't connect witih traditional audiences. An unfortunate experience of having to put his mother into a rest home resulted in the fortune of findind an audience that Jed could finally reach and enjoy.

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Words, Words, Words

@ VOL 11 ON OCT 22, 2018

Derek Coghlan is a high school English teacher, so it's not surprising he loves words. Listen closely as Derek tells us a bit about Ireland and how he came to fall in love with the words of Shakespeare. 

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Blood Mysteries

@ VOL 11 ON OCT 22, 2018

How much do we women dread getting our period? but Erika loves her period, and she's not afraid to tell you about it and it's healing qualities. This one made the male audience squirm, but sometimes it's good to talk about the things we usually try to keep quiet. 

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Through Another Lens

@ VOL 11 ON OCT 22, 2018

Alan lets us in on a very personal level about how photography has helped him see things through his child's eyes, which is not easy to do when your child's world is so much different than what we see. 

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The Magic of Laughter Yoga

@ VOL 11 ON OCT 22, 2018

Eva came down with Lyme's disease which set her down a spiritual path trying to cope with the stress in her life. This path led her to something called Laughter Yoga and she talks about its benefits and how we can apply it in our lives.

Derek Coghlan
Teacher/Story Teller/Wedding Officiant/Master of Ceremonies in St. Augustine
Jessica Fusch
Veterinarian, Key Veterinary Care in St. Augustine
Gloria Danvers
Hypnotherapist, Self in Orlando
Jed Wolf
Singer in St. Augustine
Alan Mills
Software Developer, Engineer, Artist in St. Augustine
Kara Fincham
in St. Augustine
Jen O'Loughlin
Children's Book Author, Sphere in St. Augustine
Eva Toutain
Owner of elEVAte in Jacksonville
Fred Bergen
I am an interdisciplinary inquirist. I have an Edible Food Forest and see Nature as healing and restorative., Self Employeed in East Palatka