Past Madison, WI Event: VOL 27

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VOL 27

August 22, 2018

No idea is too big or too small during The Forward Festival! Join us for Forward Fest x PechaKucha as current and budding entrepreneurs share their ideas or wildest dreams relating to innovation and advancement! Since 2010, The Forward Festival has been Madison’s flagship technology and entrepreneurship festival. Forward Fest x PechaKucha joins 50+ events during the festival to showcase innovative and creative ideas that elevate Madison and surrounding areas to the next level.

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Kicking Out the Imposter

@ VOL 27 ON AUG 22, 2018

Learn more about one of the biggest things holding back ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs; imposter syndrome. This educational and actionable presentation will have you walking away with a new understanding of what imposter syndrome is and how to move your business and career forward if you are experiencing it.

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Reclaim Your Voice

@ VOL 27 ON AUG 22, 2018

As consumers, we face hundreds of brand choices each day and any of us don't realize that the money we spend ends up inadvertently supporting politicians and PACs whose values we may not agree with. Goods Unite Us is a tool for consumers to alighn their purchases with their values.

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RTFM and Other Knowledge Sharing Technologies

@ VOL 27 ON AUG 22, 2018

Sharing information can be a challenge. Making the best knowledge available to the right people in your organization takes time and effort. The pace of change, the time it takes to write and maintain good documentation and our busy schedules all present roadblocks to effectively produce and disseminate information. How can we employ new tools to keep up in an age where information and data flow and change faster every day.

Dr. Ron Johnson
Midlands Psychological Associates in Madison, WI
Gregg Potter
Consultant, Project Kinect in Madison, WI
Ulysses Dinkins
Carpenter, Co-founder & VP Construction Technology, UCHardChip, Inc. in Madison, WI
Adam Steinert
Yahara Software in Madison, WI
Amy Miller
COO & Co-Founder, Goods Unite Us in Madison, WI
Karla Angel
Karla Marie Coach in Madison, WI