Past Fresno Event: VOL 32

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VOL 32

May 30, 2018
@ Bitwise South Stadium
As usual, the broad theme is meant to inspire a variety of presentations. For May, the theme is: BITS & BOLTS!
If you are interested in presenting at a future event or want to know more, please email the PK team at

PechaKucha Nights are focused above everything else on CREATIVITY - THINK VISUAL! - Artists, architects, photographers, fashion designers, interior designers, graphic designers, product designers, in brief: anybody making things! We know creativity can take on infinite interpretations so all our volunteer organizers in a network of over 1000 cities are focused on celebrating the creative class of our city while also discovering the hidden heroes in our communities - sharing their creative talent on the world stage. IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that PechaKucha Nights should never be a platform for commercial promotion, political agendas, or debates on social issues. These topics often have the potential to divide, and our aim as organizers is uniting a community through creativity!

Shannon Mulhall
Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator, City of Fresno in Fresno, CA
David Bradley
Executive Coach and Architect, Self in Fresno
Liz Krulder
in Fresno, CA