Past Cambridge Event: VOL 16

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VOL 16

October 17, 2018
@ CUC Wine Bar

We're delighted to have a new team, a new venue, and a date for the next PechaKucha Cambridge. 
If you'd like to be one of the presenters for our new beginning please get in touch asap using the "Want to present" link above or email 


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Creating a unique Dress Code

@ VOL 16 ON OCT 17, 2018

Andy Boothman, an experienced graphic designer, was inspired by a computer glitch to create designs for a range of high quality shirts. Not content with designing them he dived into a whole new world of manufacturing and retailing - all while keeping his established business running.  Andy shares the experience of wearing two hats and all that was involved in getting Dress Code Shirts up and running. 

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Unintended Consequences: Photographs, People and Places

@ VOL 16 ON OCT 17, 2018

Lucy Tucker talks about finding the unexpected beauty in people, photographs and places. 

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The Rise of the Independent

@ VOL 16 ON OCT 17, 2018

Carri Pavitt loves the unique flavour that independent businesses give to the streets of Cambridge UK. She talks about her favourites and what makes them so special. 

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Living with OCD

@ VOL 16 ON OCT 17, 2018

Rick Smith is a product engineer who lives with OCD. He explains how OCD feels to those who experience it and why he is involved in a charity that is working towards getting more effective treatment for those who need it. 

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A Life Lived with Passion and Purpose

@ VOL 16 ON OCT 17, 2018

Justin Miles is an adventurer, explorer, speaker, award-winning author, educator, and advocate for universal education provision. 

After a car accident that left him having to re-learn basic functions from walking to talking, he set  about turning his dreams of adventuring into reality and has tackled adventures and expeditions in polar, mountain, jungle and desert regions.

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Creating an Alternative Tourist Guide to Japan

@ VOL 16 ON OCT 17, 2018

Chris Loughlan is CEO Cambridge Institute for Innovation. Working with a range of organisations in the UK on innovation strategy, skills and evaluation. He is concerned about the impact that tourism has on the world and is in the process of creating an alternative guide to Japan in time for the Rugby World Tour and the 2020 Olympic Games.  

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Life's swerves and soothing the soul

@ VOL 16 ON OCT 17, 2018

Simon Hall is a tutor in Business, Creative Writing, Media, and Presentation Skills, A Journalist of 25 years' experience, mostly with the BBC, across radio, TV and online and an author, with seven novels published. 
At the age of 50, he found life events forced him to make some changes and describes here how he soothes his soul.

andy boothman
designer, self employed in cambridge
Pamela Wesson
Designer-Copywriter-Vintage Trader in Cambridge
Carri Pavitt
Events Manager in Cambridge
Simon Hall
Writer, Self employed in Cambridge
Lucy Tucker
Director and Co-founder, Fresh Perspectiv Ltd in Cambridge
Rick Smith
Engineer in Cambridge
Justin Miles
Explorer, Adventurer, Educator. in Cambridge
Chris Loughlan
CEO, Cambridge Institute for Innovation (Cii) in Cambridge