Past Knoxville Event: VOL 26

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VOL 26

February 08, 2018
@ Mill and Mine

Doors at 6:30

Presentations at 7:20

Poster: Paris Woodhull

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Robots Are Eating The World, And That’s a Good Thing

@ VOL 26 ON FEB 08, 2018

Frank Ramey is obsessed with automating as much of life as he can. He believes that more people should embrace automation of the mundane so that they can focus on what they enjoy doing. Frank shows one simple way to automate the hassle of having to remember sending out birthday cards. Zero code with free to use tools available to anyone. 

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Designing an Intersection: Jubilee Games and Coffee

@ VOL 26 ON FEB 08, 2018

When Michael Grubb and his fellow co-founders started offering coffee, board games, and face-to-face play at their monthly pop-ups and game nights, they started finding something more than “fun”--they found a city hungry for connection and new ideas. Exploring the social novelty of the events themselves and the theory behind the national board game boom, Michael makes a case for the cultural value of gaming. 

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Life at 6593’

@ VOL 26 ON FEB 08, 2018

Many people dream of living in a remote cabin in the woods with no road access, electricity, or indoor plumbing. Chris and Allyson Virden had the pleasure of doing just that. They were the resident managers of a hike-in lodge on top of Mt. LeConte for twelve years. They are excited to share their stories of what life was like at 6593’. 

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The path of a knife maker

@ VOL 26 ON FEB 08, 2018

An autobiographical look at what led John Phillips to hone his craft as a knife maker, and the future that lies ahead.

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@ VOL 26 ON FEB 08, 2018

There is power in the purposeful making of place. Richard Foster believes Knoxville has the potential to become a remarkable 21st Century City. What will that look like and how will we get there? Four years ago, AIA East Tennessee relaunched Architecture Week with a single goal - to engage the broader community in a conversation about the built environment with a series of activities and events that celebrate the places that give shape to our stories, our lives, and our communities. 

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Craft(ed) Beer

@ VOL 26 ON FEB 08, 2018

This is the journey of a “classically” trained glassblower into the tipsy world of brewing. Matthew Cummings discusses how those two passions intersect, and why in the hell someone would even think to open a glassblowing studio and brewery together. Craft Beer has become as much a part of my artistic expression as sculpture and glassware design. This is Craft(ed) Beer. 

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From “Why am I here?” To Cupcakes and Unicorns: 10 Actions in Waking Up

@ VOL 26 ON FEB 08, 2018

Dr. Kate Flynn knows more than a little about what it’s like to be stuck in the muck and mire of WTF, while dreaming of the Land of Cupcakes and Unicorns. Through sheer desperation and the desire for a better way, she’s learned a thing or two about leaving the past behind and living from her heart. Dr.Kate doesn’t live there permanently yet, but she’s caught more than a glimpse of this magical place and offers a roadmap so that you too may find your way there.

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How to Make a Maker

@ VOL 26 ON FEB 08, 2018

Ryan-Ashley Anderson recently made Knoxville her home, and even more recently opened gallery and event space in East Knoxville – Smart + Becker. Her mission is to catch people before they quit, helping artists realize their passion and potential to create a creative AND sustainable future for themselves. 

Richard Foster
Design Director / Architect, McCarty Holsaple McCarty in Knoxville
Matthew Cummings
Artist/Designer, Matthew Cummings Studios in Knoxville
Allyson and Chris Virden
Self Employed, Olde Virden's, LLC and Mid Mod Collective in Knoxville
Michael Grubb
Co-Founder, Jubilee Games and Coffee in Knoxville
Frank Ramey
Entrepreneur in Knoxville
Kate Flynn
Guide/Author/Visionary in Knoxville
Ryan-Ashley Anderson
Gallery Owner, Smart + Becker in Knoxville
John Phillips
Bladesmith, Phillips Forged in Knoxville