Past Ellensburg Event: VOL 12

Large wide pechakuchanight

VOL 12

January 18, 2018
@ Museum of Culture and Environment at CWU

The theme for this PechaKucha Night is “Art is for Everyone.” Is “art” only for the so-called rich and famous? Who gets excluded from making, owning, and experiencing art? Who gets to say what is and is not “art”? To say “art is for everyone” is to project a hopeful vision. 

This Pecha Kucha Night is brought to you by a partnership between the Museum of Culture and Environment at Central Washington Univeristy and Gallery One Visual Arts Center.


Doors open 6:30pm. First presenter starts 7pm.

Free Admission. Cash Bar. 

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Power of Poetry

@ VOL 12 ON JAN 18, 2018

Connor Simons shares a story and poem about his community trip to Cuba and the cross-cultural exhange and poetry that came from this powerful experience. He reflects on the universal reach of poetry.

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Life Saving Art

@ VOL 12 ON JAN 18, 2018

Sarah Bair discusses her experience with sadness and anger and how art saved her life. Through observing and drawing her world she found community and happiness.

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Art Across Platforms

@ VOL 12 ON JAN 18, 2018

Lynne McCowin is an artists who shares her work all across the community. From business marketing to public art and gallery works McCowin sees opportunities for art and expression in many mediums and platforms.

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Spiritual Self-Discovery through Art

@ VOL 12 ON JAN 18, 2018

Nan Doolittle explores the ancient and mysterious form of expressive arts, which values the process more than the final product. She recounts her spiritual quest of self-discovery and historical, familial understanding through art.

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Art and Activism

@ VOL 12 ON JAN 18, 2018

Greg Schlanger reminisces about his experience with art. Schlanger seesk to merge art with activixm and community building, firmly believing that art is for everyone.

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Art through Collaboration

@ VOL 12 ON JAN 18, 2018

Katherine Whitcomb is a collaborative artist and writer who firmly embraces the idea that art is for everyone. She explores collaboration and art to connect to the past and other minds through shared imagination.

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Question Your Choices

@ VOL 12 ON JAN 18, 2018

Joan CawleyCrane encourages her art students to question their choices. She approaches art as a way of experiencing another cultures and sharing in communal experience.

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Bonded Together

@ VOL 12 ON JAN 18, 2018

Jim Baugh believes that art bonds us together and helps to express who we are as people. He sees art as a means not only of expression, but of self-confidence and community.

Nan Doolittle
in Ellensburg
Jim Baugh
in Ellensburg
Gregg Schlanger
Professor of Art, Central Washington University in Ellensburg
Katharine Whitcomb
Professor of Creative Writing, Central Washington University in Ellensburg
Sarah Bair
in Ellensburg
Connor Simons
in Ellensburg
Joan CawleyCrane
Central Washington University in Ellensburg
Lynne McCowin
Artist in Ellensburg