Past Leiden Event: VOL 22

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VOL 22

January 24, 2018
@ Gebr. de Nobel

PechaKucha Night Leiden will inspire you with her volume 22! Presenters with an amazing range of topics are invited to blow your minds. Sit back, relax and join the conversation afterwards, Gebroeders de Nobel, Leiden. 

music by DJ Selektor Mendes

doors open 20:00 
we start 20:20!

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The mountains are calling

@ VOL 22 ON JAN 24, 2018

The Mountains are calling and I must go, Adrienne Boerwinkel did not wait any longer and went. She quit her job and headed for the most beautiful mountains in the world, together with her husband. The intriguing story of the first Dutch woman that reached the head summit of the ‘eight-thousander’ Manaslu in Nepal.

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The wedding king

@ VOL 22 ON JAN 24, 2018

Anne Kruiter wants to make possible that every man kan marry like a king.
In februari 2016 he proposed to his girlfriend and started thinking about organising his wedding day. He discovered that all wedding websites are focused on the brides-to-be. There is no-one available to inform the groom about options, ideas, obligations and fun ideas for a wedding. On his blog Anne tells about all the steps he and his future wife took towards theitr wedding, so all grooms can steal his ideas and suggestions.

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Everyone wise

@ VOL 22 ON JAN 24, 2018

In 2002 the Dutch Iederwijs-schools took everybody by surprise with their radical concept: kids can choose what, when and how they want to learn. Critics predicted a bleak future for the kids but in her investigation Astrid Schutte found unexpected results.

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Reading the dictionary

@ VOL 22 ON JAN 24, 2018

David Sjoer is reading all the words of the ‘Dikke van Dale’, the Dutch dictionary. The plan was ten pages a day, a year and a half long. After four months he just turned page 200. It looks like it will take him 7,5 years…
David writes about his remarkable discoveries in his blog A PechaKucha about five months.

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@ VOL 22 ON JAN 24, 2018

When organizations are in need of an abrupt change, mental freedom is necessary for the people behind these organizations. Lisa van Ginneken teaches us some important lessons in which she guides us through her experience with organizational change that has a lot of similarities with a very fundamental change in her personal life.

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Historical costumes Rijksmuseum

@ VOL 22 ON JAN 24, 2018

Did you ever wonder who the people are who take care of the textile collections in museums? We take a look behind the scenes of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam with Marjolein Koek.

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Visual storytelling

@ VOL 22 ON JAN 24, 2018

Mr.Beam is a Projection art Studio that expands the square boundaries of visual storytelling by combining projection and animation principles. We strongly believe that with the right creative approach, ordinary objects and architectural artefacts can be transformed into extraordinary forms of media. Resulting in unique, location based narratives with a poetic and theatrical touch. Driven by the possibilities of projection mapping, we passionately push this philosophy to the limit. Throughout the past years, we've had the privilege of showcasing our award-winning work internationally and to work with many different parties in the cultural and commercial sector.

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Illustrations inside and outside

@ VOL 22 ON JAN 24, 2018

Sophia den Breems is an illustrator. Her work is in the paper, on social media, in exhibits and on the streets. She is very productive and developed a recognizable style that she uses as often and as diverse as possible.

Suzan Becking
productontwerper & keramist, Suzan Becking in Utrecht
Lisa van Ginneken
coach for change in Amsterdam
Astrid Schutte
journalist in Leid
Marjolein Koek
Conservator of Textiles, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam in Amsterdam
Mo Assem
creative director , Mr.Beam
David Sjoer
writer in Utrecht
Sophia den Breems
illustrator in Den Haag
Daniël Kuin
CEO , ApenkooiGym
Anne Kruiter
Wedding King in Utrecht