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VOL 13

November 26, 2017
@ The Rotten Grapes Theater
Join us to the 13th edition of PechaKucha Night here in Hanoi. In this cozy social gathering, we will be listen to stories and ideas from the community in form of a PechaKucha talk with the theme "What if". What if means the unusual thing, the uncertainty, the unknown but you feel like your heart tells you to do it or could mean anything for you. We also have live entertainment from The Rotten Grapes and networking time for you to make friends and connect ideas.
You have a story to tell or some idea you want to share that you think it goes with our theme: What if. Apply to be a presenter:
Event details:
Time: 8PM - 9:30PM Sunday Nov 26th
Venue: The Rotten Grapes Theater, Level 2, 101A Nguyen Khuyen
Theme: What If
Official Page:
Fee: 60k to support the global fun for letting us use the format to organize.
Register to join:
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Do Things That Scare You

@ VOL 13 ON NOV 26, 2017

In our daily life, we all have this little thing that freaks us out: it can be raising your hand at a conference, speaking to a stranger, etc. 
Dinh-Long Pham calls this "shitty fear": a fear that haunts you with daily regrets. 
In this talk, Long shares how you can easily overcome that shitty fear for your best long-term interest. 


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Desire less and Do more!

@ VOL 13 ON NOV 26, 2017

Thu Nguyen kind of person that have lots of desires in her past 24 years. However, until now she recognizes that she only had two hands and can't hold everything she had. Therefore, she choose to focus only on the most important thing - becoming better version of herself. When we desire less, we will have more time to focus on something more valueable, In the end, we believe that all things we did are worthy!

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Forget about your dream job

@ VOL 13 ON NOV 26, 2017

It took Hong-Duong "KOYO" Do a long time to realize that a perfect job does not exist. Maybe we should shift our focus. We all have this wish of doing what we love for a living, but dream jobs should be about why we are doing the job we do. 

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@ VOL 13 ON NOV 26, 2017

Right when I read about the “What if” topic, I found out a note that my grandmother - who has passed away recently - sent me 15 years ago. I was crying as a child. It felt like that was the note from heaven. She told me "don't be regret, each time fail off you will be less silly a little bit. keep moving forward then you will have success". So instead of wasting time thing about "what if" for what we have done in the past, we should learn from that, less silly and focus on "what if" for the future....


T3 Huong
architect, urban manager, government officer, urban development agency in Hanoi
Dinh-Long Pham
Social Entrepreneurship Evangelist in Paris
Hong-Duong "KOYO" Do
Freelance illustrator in Hanoi
Thu Nguyen
Business Development Executive, NGO International Co.,LTD in Hanoi