Past Portland OR Event: VOL 24

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VOL 24

December 12, 2017
@ Holocene



We are excited to announce our next PechaKucha Night PDX on Tuesday, December 12th, as we take over Holocene for a full evening of PKN!

This volume is about Unity: Joining forces. Moving together as one. Coalescing. Taking Shape.

As social animals, people require and seek to feel united with each other. We need this to celebrate and grieve, to expand our projects and ideas, to make change that extends beyond ourselves, and for our individual and collective mental health. In today’s divisive climate, this sense of Unity sometimes feels lost – especially during moments when we don’t share beliefs, thoughts, world views, or priorities with those around us.

On December 12th, we will hear from people who are creating, exploring and questioning with Unity in mind; from a world-traveling author, to the local family who is bringing back curiosity one interview at a time, to the musician letting us experience Unity through sound.  We will share ideas, connect with one another, yell Bonsaiiiii with our hands in the air (...seriously, we will) and perhaps, we might even Vogue. Join us on December 12th for Pecha Kucha Night Portland :: Volume 24 :: Unity. 

Doors at 6:30pm | Show at 7:30pm

Tickets: $5 in advance | $10 at the door (limited + credit card only)

Holocene is a 21+ Venue

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No One Hates Music

@ VOL 24 ON DEC 12, 2017

The founder of Vortex Music Magazine, the definitive chronicle of Portland's musical vortex, Chris Young is a journalist, editor and advocate of his local music community. Always finding ways to surround himself with beautiful, local noise and creativity, as an industrious sixth grader he headed down to the Oregon State Fairgrounds for his first concert ever: the culturally significant, preeminent King of Parody, "Weird Al" Yankovic. 

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@ VOL 24 ON DEC 12, 2017

Saving old buildings is cool. Freezing them in time? Maybe not so much. Can we build on the architectural resources that make up our city in a new and unexpected way - that unites the past with the future? Doug Skidmore will show a few possibilities.

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The Beast Has No Belly

@ VOL 24 ON DEC 12, 2017

It's pat to say we have more common ground than we have differences.  Yet, we just said it. There is an art to dropping assumptions, in approaching people and issues without prejudice, as children do. Jim Brunberg believes the next step is actually hearing the stories, and sharing them in a way that doesn't pander, condescend, or otherwise filter the truth or rob it of its nuance.

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Musings on Unity

@ VOL 24 ON DEC 12, 2017

Jocelyn Rahm will explore the concept of unity through the lens of social change, the collective impetus to evolve, and how understanding how the facets of oneself contribute to or block personal growth and ultimately from a macro lens, collective change.

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Left and Right

@ VOL 24 ON DEC 12, 2017

Kris Regentin talks about unity between the so-called left and right political ideologies, and why unity is needed for our country to repair.

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@ VOL 24 ON DEC 12, 2017

Since forming Lenore., Miller & Pearson have gained full-time collaborators in seasoned Portland musicians Edward Cameron (classical guitar) & Jessie Dettwiler (cello), who have contributed significantly to the evolution of Lenore.'s sound — a dreamy melancholic blend of harmony-driven folk with an
ever-present sense of hope. More recently, Lenore. began playing with a rhythm section that features a rotating cast of bassists & drummers. 

Lenore. released their debut self-titled album produced by John Askew on 9/15/2017, and embarked on an east coast tour in October of that same year.

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Unity is Majority’s Utopian Dream

@ VOL 24 ON DEC 12, 2017

The internet has been a catalyst of opening up societies into a global awareness. It has truly narrowed the divide between human beings. Other new technologies have opened doors for those with visual/aural impairments, and those living with illiteracy. These unifying ecosystems are a reflection of how we value equity. Mark Wyner explores how we’re doing with this.

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The Lady Brewer Girl Gang

@ VOL 24 ON DEC 12, 2017

Natalie Rose Baldwin presents about a group of strong, intelligent women making beer with an unbreakable bond in a male dominated industry.

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Unity and Belonging

@ VOL 24 ON DEC 12, 2017

Creative freelancers are by trade loners, aliens, outsiders. Paul Sincoff asks: Where do we find unity, family, a sense of belonging? 

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Unified by Myself

@ VOL 24 ON DEC 12, 2017

Saraa Green asks: How can we be unified when are trained and taught to only see the outside layer of a person and not the inside? Biologically we are made the same so why should the color of our skin interrupt the interaction to be unified.

Kris Regentin
Hustler in Portland, OR
Mark Wyner
UX Designer in Portland
Marilyn John
in Portland, OR
Jocelyn Rahm
in Portland, OR
Paul Sincoff
Creative Director in Portland, OR
Doug Skidmore
Architect, Beebe Skidmore Architects in Portland, OR
Gina Senarighi
in Portland, OR
Saraa Green
in Portland, OR
Chris Young
Editor-In-Chief, Vortex Music Magazine in Portland, OR
Natalie Rose Baldwin
Brewer, Breakside Brewery in Portland, OR
Jim Brunberg
Maker / composer / podcaster in Portland, OR
Heather LeFevre
in Portland, OR