Past Markham Event: VOL 17

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VOL 17

November 24, 2017
@ Varley Art Gallery

Connect with Markham’s creative communities at PechaKucha Markham! 

The Markham Public Library and the Varley Art Gallery have partnered to host Markham’s PechaKucha nights, featuring 7 artists, thinkers and innovators from Markham and beyond.

Tickets available November 1 at and will sell out fast!

Admission is Pay What You Want so please give generously. $1 from each attendee's donation is contributed towards the Global PechaKucha Night fund to support the over 1000 cities holding these events around the world. 

Grab a glass of beer or wine (cash bar), and enjoy complimentary appetizers and music. At the break, enjoy a PechaKucha-style exhibition tour. 

Stick around for the Post-PK party for more meeting and mingling!

Refreshments provided by:

Smash Kitchen and Bar

Mr. Black Coffee, Your Coffee Butler

The Cupcake Line


Contributing Sponsors:

Regional Councillor Nirmala Armstrong



Supporting Sponsors:

Bansal & Giga - Chartered Professional Accountants


Community Partners: 

Design by mad Studios

Photography by JiaJia Kong Photography

Communications support by Business & Office Centro

Live music and DJ presented by Platform For Youth Creativity

Speaker Boxing presented by Speakerbox 


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Memoirs of a Jamaican-Chinese-Canadian Dragon Lady

@ VOL 17 ON NOV 24, 2017

Chinese-Jamaican by birth, and Canadian by choice, Carol Williams-Wong has lived in Jamaica, Montreal, Hong Kong, is now living in Unionville, Ontario. This is her story of adapting, integrating, embracing and appreciating through active contribution and involvement in her community.

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The Wonder of Becoming a Father

@ VOL 17 ON NOV 24, 2017

Jason Lock is a father to be. This talk, a wholehearted letter to his dear little child is full of mixed emotions of anticipation and wonder. This personal letter is truly moving and relatable. 

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No, I Don't Eat Fish (or How My Parents Proved Everyone Wrong and Raised Tall Children)

@ VOL 17 ON NOV 24, 2017

Liz Myers grew up in a vegetarian household so she initially did not even realize that she was a vegetarian! It is only when she was in kindergarten that her eyes opened through a cocktail weiner and it is only then that she slowly began to realize that she was different. This is a story of what it means to be a vegetarian and how this tall healthy woman proved stereotypes against vegetarians wrong. 

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The Energy of Well Being - A New Framework for Life Balance

@ VOL 17 ON NOV 24, 2017

Lynne Stewart’s new framework for life balance is grounded on the pillars of a balanced, well-rounded life and the impact of energy on our well-being. Lynne highlights that life balance can be achieved through blending individual components and workplace components such as strategy for eating, strategy for sleeping, and strategy for playing to motivation and strategic decision making. 

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All Roads Lead to the Circus

@ VOL 17 ON NOV 24, 2017

What is a circus person? Are you afraid of heights? Is it scary? Have you ever fallen? Are you flexible?

Mary-Margaret Scrimger is here to answer all of these questions and more on what motivated her be a “circus person” and what her day is like.   

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Standing on The Sholders of Giants - Discovering a Love for Science

@ VOL 17 ON NOV 24, 2017

Nick Love shares his passionate love for science. The child whose interest in science grew from watching Bill Nye the Science Guy, he is now the Outreach Coordinator of the Planetary Society, where his role is to build community interest in space science, and the pursuit of space exploration with in its members and the general public.

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What's in the Dark Room

@ VOL 17 ON NOV 24, 2017

Paul Salvatori reveals the humanitarian philosophy behind his podcast, the Dark Room, and the gift of learning through our differences. Paul explores the strange and controversial of the human world with aims for compassionate understanding.

NIck Love
in Markham
Lynne Stewart
Studio Owner/Teacher/Instructor/Speaker/Writer/Coach, SOL BARRE Pilates & Yoga/ SOL LIFE in Markham
Liz Myers
Community Librarian, Markham Public Library in Markham
Jason Lock
Director of Youth Ministry, Harvest Bible Chapel York Region in Markham
Mary-Margaret Scrimger
Circus Artist in Markham
Paul Salvatori
Journalist & Educator in Markham
Carol Williams-Wong
Author/Artist/Lifetime Volunteer in Markham