Past Detroit Event: VOL 33

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VOL 33

September 29, 2017
@ Ponyride

It's time for Volume 33, and we are going all-out by teaming up with The Detroit Design Festival's Design Village!

Join us as we discover Detroit’s most talented makers and designers at the DDF Design Village, featuring everything from apparel and accessories, to homewares and interiors. Designers will take the stage on Friday night of the two-day marketplace to share their work, inspirations and experiences.


Doors at 7pm, presentations begin at 7:30.

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@ VOL 33 ON SEP 29, 2017

Mara Magyarosi-Laytner. She's a Detroit based artist, photographer, and alternative process enthusiast. Her work typically pairs double exposure photography with inkjet transfer processes to explore the impact anxiety disorders have on the human condition.

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Sfumato Fragrances

@ VOL 33 ON SEP 29, 2017

Kevin Peterson shares the story of Sfumato Fragrances, a fragrance store located in Detroit, Michigan which he began along with his wife Jane Larson in 2013. Sfumato combines a scientific and culinary approach to the world of scent creation.

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Katherine Cross Design

@ VOL 33 ON SEP 29, 2017

"Living in the moment is what gives me joy in life."

In Katherine Cross Design from PechaKucha Night Detriot Vol. 33Kathy Cross of Katherine Cross Designs shares her passion for art and design. Humble to her roots, she gives credit to both of her parents for her creative side as she navigated through life. It propelled her into the art world so deep that she spent almost 20 years studying it.

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Experiments in Beautiful Thinking

@ VOL 33 ON SEP 29, 2017

Rita Patel is joining us once again to give us the latest in her Experiments in Beautiful Thinking. This work allows her to foster personal and collective experiences, especially in uncomfortable and unfamiliar situations by tapping into each person’s creative force with humor and play so they can connect and be in their personal power with confidence.

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Blended Inspiration

@ VOL 33 ON SEP 29, 2017

Mark Sarmel blends inspirations from comic books, Asian culture, hip-hop and fashion his work has been displayed in Innerstate Gallery, Gallery 1988, Bottleneck Gallery, Guzu Gallery, and the Red Bull House of Art, to name a few. He learned right here in Detroit at the College of Creative Studies for Illustration and Graphic Design.

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Studio Variously

@ VOL 33 ON SEP 29, 2017

Coming from UNESCO Heritage City Ahmedabad in Gujarat, India, Anjali Purohit is no stranger to a city thriving with creativity. Anjali has been all over the world exhibiting her work and in 2001 she returned to her home state after it suffered a massive earthquake.

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Revive Urban Golf

@ VOL 33 ON SEP 29, 2017

Omari Lewis will be telling the story of how his passion for the sport of golf has put him on the path to revive urban golfing. Growing up on golf courses all throughout Detroit, Omari fostered a deep appreciation for the sport, even landing himself a golf scholarship to HSBC Virginia Union University for Business Administration.

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Ugly Into Art

@ VOL 33 ON SEP 29, 2017

When her adventures in online dating revealed the ugly side of humanity, Sarey Rudin decided to turn it into an art project.

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Sustainable Jobs

@ VOL 33 ON SEP 29, 2017

Jarret Alan Schlaff is explaining how he uplifts Detroit by empowering veterans to create sustainable goods.

Rita Patel
Artist in Rochester
Katherine Cross
in Detroit, MI
Sarey Ruden
in Detroit, MI
Jarret Alan Schlaff
Maker, co-founder, engineer, organizer, Pingree Detroit in Detroit, MI
Mara Magyarosi-Laytner
Alternative Process Enthusiast, Mara Magyarosi-Laytner // Artist in Detroit, MI
Kevin Peterson
Nose, Sfumato Fragrances in Detroit, MI
Anjali Purohit
Founder I Design Entrepreneur , Studio Variously LLC in Detroit, MI
Mark Sarmel
Artist in Detroit, MI