Past Sunshine Coast Event: VOL 23

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Wasteland or wonderland – art, activism and wildflower women!

@ VOL 23 ON SEP 20, 2017

Queensland’s native wildflowers have often been overlooked and undervalued and if it hadn’t been for the efforts of artists and activists they would have been lost forever. In this presentation, Sue Davis will share examples of artistry and activism that drove efforts to reduce the loss of the unique wallum heathlands of the Sunshine Coast. The work of ‘wild/flower women’ such as writer/artist Kathleen McArthur and famous Australian poet Judith Wright helped profile these special environments.  Sue believes that finding out about what they did can still inspire us today.

Art works, books, ephemera & some photographs courtesy of:

•Hugh McArthur
•Alexandra Moreno
•Meredith McKinney
•The Fryer Library, University of Queensland Library 
(and the presenter)!
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Music to the World - the Paza project!

@ VOL 23 ON SEP 20, 2017

With the project Paza, Tim Nixon aims to help financially and technologically marginalised musicians gain access to global music markets, make sales and get paid. Paza was born out of a desire to help his friend Daniel, a musician in Nairobi, who was sending Tim tracks to play on his weekly radio show, but was not capitalising financially from the amazing music he was making. Daniel was unable to setup the necessary structures to moneytise his music and so four year journey to solve Daniel’s problem began.  Paza is the result.

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Seduced by the Stalk

@ VOL 23 ON SEP 20, 2017

Zela Bissett is a versatile artist who works principally with paper, which she makes using local plants that she cooks, pounds and shapes herself. Her botanical handmade papers retain a unique character from the original plant, often complemented by the addition of earths, ochres and recycled waste paper. Zela then uses her paper in a range of art practices including casting (relief shapes in plaster), paper sculpture, collage, paintings, cards and artist books.

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Life on the edge!

@ VOL 23 ON SEP 20, 2017

Nicola Moss is a visual artist and regular tree hugger with a burning question – What is sustainability? Visiting natural areas and green space along the south-east Queensland coast for the past decade, she ponders possible futures where conservation and development find balance. Initially speaking about ecological problems, Nicola’s practice took a shift in 2015. A sensory experience on the edge of Moreton Bay prompted a new optimism. Her works reflect on the sense of well-being, contact with green space, can provide in our everyday lives. Nicola engages audiences in considering and celebrating the value of healthy environment. Her exhibition ‘Life on the edge’ responds to the Lost and Found theme – although many pristine environments have been lost, Nicola has found communities are able to create healthy environments!

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Reading Clouds: Floating Middens

@ VOL 23 ON SEP 20, 2017

James Muller is an artist and videographer based on the Sunshine Coast.  Since 2003 James has been involved in the ongoing evolution of the ‘Floating Land’ ephemeral sculpture program. A key focus of James' artistic practice is the exploration cultural connections to place or landscape.  At Floating Land 2013 James collaborated with renowned New Zealand artist Michel Tuffery to create ‘Reading Clouds : Floating Middens’.  James presented a retrospective of this project, with voice over via the phone, as he was held up with preparing his work for this year's Floating Land program!  

Sue Davis
Deputy Dean Research - Education & the Arts, CQUniversity Australia in Sunshine Coast
James Muller
artist and videographer, Earth Base Productions in Sunshine Coast
Nicola Moss
Visual artist, Self employed in Gold Coast
Tim Nixon
Founder, Paza in Sunshine Coast
James Picton
Digital Media Lecturer, Central Queensland University in Cooroy