Past London Event: VOL 16

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VOL 16

August 10, 2017
@ HASSELL Studio

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Ok, first up what is a PechaKucha night? Originated in Japan, a fast and fabulous night of individual presentations, but there is a rule... NOBODY can speak for more than 6 mins, which means that you really can’t afford to be BORING. Each speaker will show 20 images and talk about each image for 20 seconds. 

​Today the event has evolved to cover a range of topical societal issues, from diverse perspectives. 

What kind of things do people talk about? Literally anything that people think worth sharing including a personal story, an idea, a project, a passion, interesting snaps and experiences from your last adventure, these are just a few examples.

PechaKucha presentations uncover the unexpected -- unexpected talent, unexpected ideas. Some PechaKuchas tell great stories about a project or a trip. Some are incredibly personal, some are incredibly funny, but all are very different, and they turn each PechaKucha event into “a box of chocolates”.

What can I expect from PechaKucha x Hassell? After the success of the PechaKucha X Hassell collaboration in March 2017 the teams are back together to bring you another wonderful evening inspiring and unique speakers.

Our friends from CORONA are back on board too to make sure no one in the studio will be without a cold beer in their hands throughout the night!

So why would you not come down to the HASSELL studio in Shoreditch to listen to 7 speakers talk about all kinds of wonderful things.

Our speakers for the night include: 

David Knight / structural engineer and Director of Design and Engineering at Cake Industries / David Knight also works for charity Bridges to Prosperity

Dr Farnaz Nickpour / Associate Professor in Design & Human-centred Innovation and founding member of the Inclusive Design Research Group (IDRG) / Dr Farnaz has just taken up a new Readership role at University of Liverpool, School of Engineering /

Larry Botchway / Architect and fashion designer / Haworth Tompkins Limited /

/ Larry is also a student who is being funded by Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust 

Steve Tidball / Designer and founder of Vollebak makers of insanely hardcore kit - check it out we want some! /

Peter Harris / Professor, Designer, Journalist, Creator of the Steam Punk Coffee Machine /

Kaja Swiezewska / A designer at HASSELL /

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Bridges to Prosperity

@ VOL 16 ON AUG 10, 2017

David Knight, a structural engineer gave this PechaKucha at Vol.16 in London and opened our eyes to the totally vital importance of bridges in developing countries. Importantly bridges create access to local markets, farms, schools, health clinics, and other critical services and opportunities.

In this PechaKucha you will learn about David's wonderful work with Bridges to Prosperity. The volunteers at Bridges to Prosperity appreciate the power of a bridge to transform the way people earn income, save, and invest in their future.



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Designing for diversity – Innovating for all

@ VOL 16 ON AUG 10, 2017

Dr Farnaz Nickpour is an inclusive designer, an associate professor in Design & Human-centred Innovation at University of Liverpool, and director of the Inclusive Design Research Group (IDRG) in the UK. Farnaz gave this PechaKucha at Vol.16 in London and challenged the audience to reconsider how they approach design and raised the critical question - who will use your designs and how will they use them? Are we designing for ourselves or for others? And how well do we know those ‘others’?

Designers shouldn't just work on assumptions! We need information and empathy.

Farnaz explores some wonderful new ideas for inclusive design such as an evolvable modular walking aid kit, easy to use and clean commodes for NHS to assist patients using the bathroom, and a bio-reactive food packaging solution inspired by the blind users.


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Insanely hardcore clothing!

@ VOL 16 ON AUG 10, 2017

In this fast paced PechaKucha you get to hear from not only just Steve Tidball but also his twin brother Nick Tidball too!

Steve and Nick gave this PechaKucha at Vo.16 in London and in just over 6 minutes they share tales of how their lives,  experiences and passion have morphed into their newest venture - Vollebak, a clothing brand making the most advanced sports gear in the world for extreme sports athletes! And by extreme they have really fone for it and their clothing is EXTREMELY EXTREME! Like falling on a rock at 120 kilometres an hour! All we can say is WOW!

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Shoot for the moon you will land among the stars!

@ VOL 16 ON AUG 10, 2017

Peter Harris delivered this high energy PechaKucha talk at Vol. 16 of the London Series.

As you will hear Peter literally got a laugh per image, which is pretty amazing stuff!

In just 20 slides Peter showcases how he has used sheer determination to follow his passions and the results --- well if we were him we would be pretty damn proud of our achievements!

David Knight
Structural engineer, and Director of Design and Engineering at Cake Industries, Cake Industries in London
Farnaz Nickpour
Lecturer in Design, Brunel University in London
Steve Tidball
founder of Vollebak, the world's most experimental adventure brand in London
Peter Harris
artist and entrepreneur in London
Kaja Swiezewska
Engineer Architect, Graphic Designer, Artist, HASSELL in London
Larry Botchway
Architectural Assistant, Haworth Tompkins Architects in London