Past Sacramento Event: VOL 28

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VOL 28

July 27, 2017
@ Uptown Studios

Join us on July 27 as we discuss how we can stay sane in the crazy times we live in. The pace of life and global events put a lot of pressure on all of us, so the timing for this session seems on point. We will discuss hands-on techniques of relaxation so that we can make some space in our minds to face the world more calmly and optimistically. 

The lineup is forming, please email us if you'd like to present at or 

See you there!

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Self-Care for Caregivers.

@ VOL 28 ON JUL 27, 2017

Rich Beckermeyer's touching story tells us what helped his mom get through the hard times of caregiving to her dad with dementia.

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Embracing Mindfulness for Change.

@ VOL 28 ON JUL 27, 2017

Mimi Williams sends us to New Orleans for a journey that proves how important mindfulness really is.

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Nutrition and Mental Health.

@ VOL 28 ON JUL 27, 2017

Nicci Culver talks about the effect of what we eat on how we feel mentally. She discusses what types of foods improve mood as well as what foods improve nutritional health.

Rich Beckermeyer
in Sacramento
Mimi Williams
in Sacramento
Nicci Culver
in Sacramento