Past Tokyo Event: VOL 148

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Twitter in 140 characters

@ VOL 148 ON JUN 22, 2017

Designer Adam Esposito describes the process and design of creating Twitter's new home in Tokyo. An expression of the modern and traditional sides of Japanese culture.

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The Complete Guide to Drawing

@ VOL 148 ON JUN 22, 2017

Some draw or paint to make a social statement, others want to express their love or commitment to a theme, and still others seek subjects that are whimsical and fun. Illustrator Adrian Hogan simply loves to draw. This thursday night, he goes into depth on why he thinks you too should draw and how you can start.

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Come meet an Ekibo!

@ VOL 148 ON JUN 22, 2017

Ekibo are artificial life-forms that live in the stations of Japan. Users grow and teach their characters by riding trains and going about their everyday lives. Meanwhile Ekibo generates an ever-expanding map of the Japanese train system, learns about local hot spots, and grows in order to match the habits of its owner, ultimately giving each user a completely unique avatar. Come see creators Galileo and Matthew’s launch of the app, three years in the making.



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Re-Imagining The Art of Eroticism

@ VOL 148 ON JUN 22, 2017

"Sex is a universal and instinctual act but socailly and culturally stackly informed."

In Re-Imagining The Art of Eroticism from Pechakucha Night Tokyo Vol. 148, Aiko Robinson is a Christchurch based artist of Japanese and New Zealand heritage. Inspired by shunga, Japanese erotic woodblock prints from the Edo period (17th-19th century), Aiko's artworks can be seen as a whimsical and playful fusion of the historical Japanese art form and contemporary pornography.

Aiko Robinsonさんは、日本とニュージーランドを拠点に活動するアーティスト。日本の春画に影響を受けた彼女の作品は、滑稽さと遊び心、伝統と現代的表現が融合した世界を創出しています。

This was "Presentation of the Day" on July 17th, 2017. 


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Hāfu2Hāfu, portraits of hāfu and their question to you

@ VOL 148 ON JUN 22, 2017

Tetsuro Miyazaki presentes Hāfu2Hāfufu, a unique project photographing hāfu (mixed roots people with one Japanese parent) from all over the world and sharing their most significant questions about identity, sense of belonging or growing up with two different cultures.

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Re-Imagining Ribbon

@ VOL 148 ON JUN 22, 2017


Ribbonesia is an artist duo formed in 2010. Ribbons, so often use in wrapping and decorating, is a material one finds familiar yet unessential in everyday living. Focusing on this dichotomous identity, RIBBONESIA has created a variety of artworks using only ribbons across different creative platforms from art exhibitions to window displays to advertisement, both in Japan and overseas. Creative Director, Toru Yoshikawa, shows off these masterpieces at PechaKucha Night Tokyo

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Tender Soul, Delicate Art

@ VOL 148 ON JUN 22, 2017


Young Sakura Monma who creates artwork out of embroidery plans to expand her art form in France after graduating from the renowned Musashino Art University. Get ready to be wowed by her delicate sensibilities expressed through her gossamer and diaphanous creations.

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The Adaptive Nature of Design.

@ VOL 148 ON JUN 22, 2017


Young but up-and-coming architect, Ryutaro Saito despite starting his career in a large scale general contractor firm, has shaped his own independent practice to be design-focused. Visibly striking in all of the the projects he led, from his student days to the present, is the adaptive nature of the design process that alters according to the projects’ varying contexts.

Adrian Hogan
Illustrator, Self-Employed in Tokyo
Ryutaro Saito
Architect, DOG in Tokyo
Tetsuro Miyazaki
Sakura Monma
Student in Tokyo
Adam Esposito
Interior Designer, Gensler in Tokyo
Toru Yoshikawa
Creative Director, RIBBONESIA/リボネシア in Tokyo
Matthew & Galileo
Interaction Designer, EKIBO in Tokyo