Past Madison, WI Event: VOL 23

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VOL 23

August 23, 2017
@ Monona Terrace Community & Convention Center

In just 6 minutes and 40 seconds, speakers from the entrepreneur ecosystem will share their latest ideas, innovations and plans for the future. Join us for “Pitch Night x PechaKucha” and be the first to hear from Madison’s developing startup business community.

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This Dental Office Has No Drill!

@ VOL 23 ON AUG 23, 2017

People dread going to the dentist. They fear the drill, the shots and the pain. Now imagine going to a dental office that has no drills, no shots, and guarantees your comfort? When cavities can be healed, there's no need for a drill. When there's no need for a drill, there's no need for a shot. With drills and shots out of the picture, your dental are is more comfortable than you've ever imagined. The science and high tech is available to do this. The world has been waiting. So let's get this going now! Chris Kammer explains.

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GalacticaVision, Enter the Age of Lore: A Journey into the Emerging Technology of Virtual Reality

@ VOL 23 ON AUG 23, 2017

It has been and amazingly fun, passionate entrepreneurial adventure in the emerging tech of virtual reality the last 4 years! Join GalactaVision as they discuss their inception, accelerator, testing in front of thousands, the completed projects, their current endeavors and the plan for the future. From supporting the Oculus Rift Kickstarter to launching their own Kickstarter for their VR RPG game of Lore - GalactaVision has gained a tremendous amount of information in their journey that they are excited to share with you. Nathan Thorin explains.

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Don't Fear the Machines

@ VOL 23 ON AUG 23, 2017

Many people fear and resist technological advancements and automation but that apprehension is often misplaced. We live in a golden age of technology, and we should embrace that fact that technology, when intelligently applied, can and will make all of our lives better. With it, we can be happier, healthier and wealthier. Jonathon Richardson explains.

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The Goosebump Effect

@ VOL 23 ON AUG 23, 2017

This is the story of Lindsey LaPlant's journey as an empathetic, artistic person finder her way to creative entrepreneurship as a kindergarten artist, art student, art teacher and event artist. The message will leave you with a solution for how to create a truly memorable event using the power of live art.

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Running Ideas

@ VOL 23 ON AUG 23, 2017

Christopher Harrison presents his adventures while trying to find a direction in life. Starting with a chance meeting at last year's Forward Festival, that triggered his move to Portugal to earn his Graduate Degree, which then precipitated his participating in the life or death 'Running with the Bulls' in Spain, during which inspired his latest idea. Chris shares how serendipity played a role in each of the moments that have lead to life changing decisions that have ultimately brought him here today.

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Stop Researching and Start Failing

@ VOL 23 ON AUG 23, 2017

The internet is great, isn't it? You (and everyon else) can learn anything you want at any time for free. There's a dark side to this ever-growing and ubiquitously available resource, though. In this presentation, Spencer Smith will share his experiences in learning five disparate topics, and how the internet might have actually prevented him in executing on the successes tied to each of the five.

Nathan Thorin
Founder/Producer/Art Director, GalactaVision in Madison, WI
Spencer Smith
Entrepreneur, in Madison