Past Knoxville Event: VOL 23

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VOL 23

May 11, 2017
@ Mill and Mine

Doors: 7:00pm

Presentations: 8:00pm

Poster: Melanie Drouhard

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College Radio: Alive and Kickin'

@ VOL 23 ON MAY 11, 2017

Julianna Tullos gives an in-depth look at Knoxville's only terrestrial college radio station, WUTK, and discusses that not all radio is created equal. While working at the University of Tennessee college radio station, WUTK, in college in 2005, Julianna grew to appreciate the eclectic environment of radio, and odd-balls that fill it. Over a decade later, college radio is still just as relevent and important, providing a creative outlet, promoting community awareness, and providing a platform of expression for students and Knoxvillians.

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Inclined to Play

@ VOL 23 ON MAY 11, 2017

With rising obesity rates nationwide, experts are seeking solutions that can survive competing in Americans’ increasingly jam-packed schedules. Kathleen Gibi discusses how a local Knoxville committee answered a national challenge to incorporate play opportunities into existing city infrastructure so that children can “play along the way” in their daily lives.

With just a small $25,000 grant, the committee generated the start of an initiative called “Knoxville Slides,” where Knoxville’s hilly terrain is used as an asset—rather than a challenge—to create embankment slides. The end result of the pilot project produced an unanticipated amount of attention in the community.

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Just Because You Have a Giant Twine Ball Doesn't Make You A Maniac

@ VOL 23 ON MAY 11, 2017

Ken Smith is senior editor of the offbeat travel guide Roadside America. He visits a lot of weird places. His wife worries about him (Her idea of road trips comes from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre). Ken worries that other people might be worried, too, and wants to show that weird places and people can be nonfatal and fun.

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Gas Line Epiphany

@ VOL 23 ON MAY 11, 2017

Since early 2004 David Bolt has worked full time trying to answer the question: How can I have abundance while living sustainably in a world of growing population and resource depletion? David shares how this quest has lead to his being optimistic for both for himself and the world to have an abundance that is sustainable.

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Immigration WiFi

@ VOL 23 ON MAY 11, 2017

University of Tennessee Knoxville was the first University in the world to have a campus wide Wireless Network back in 2001. Later, UTK innovated again by spearheading the eduroam project in the US which allows users to roam freely on Wi-Fi networks around the world. These unique projects have helped Philippe Hanset make a name for himself in the Wi-Fi world but also navigate the complex meanders of the US immigration system and eventually obtain a permanent residency. Not all immigrants have it that easy.

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@ VOL 23 ON MAY 11, 2017

Conceived of and designed by KBAS, an experimental spatial design firm recently re-launched as Knoxville Bureau of Air and Space, DRONOPOD incorporates advanced digital production and fabrication technologies, large-scale 3d-printing, drones and augmented reality (AR) in order to charge Knoxville with a new type of urban imaginary.Keith Kaseman forecasts a time when drones will be as ubiquitous as smart phones. DRONOPOD provides physical and spatial evidence of what that utility infrastructure might look like and serves as an invitation to imagine what the future city could be. 

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The Great American Farmhouse - An Iowan's Untold Story

@ VOL 23 ON MAY 11, 2017

Born and raised in Burlington, Iowa, Catherine Porth always knew that one day her parents would move back to the dilapidated family farmhouse her father treasured. What she never predicted was the incredible beauty it would become. This is the story of a German immigrant, the farmhouse he built, and his great-great grandson’s amazing renovation in a forgotten place we call Iowa.

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Tails to Tell

@ VOL 23 ON MAY 11, 2017

"Really, what we do is we make films about crazy people"

In "Tails to Tell" from PechaKucha Night Knoxville Vol. 23, Michael Samstag, of Rescue Doc Films discusses making film documentaries that advocate the alleviation of animal suffering by featuring the stories of who believe they can, and do, change the world. 

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Building Artistic Community... From The Living Room

@ VOL 23 ON MAY 11, 2017

Luke Brogden spent parts of his first decade of adulthood working for national concert promoter AC Entertainment, playing in local bands like Southern Cities, writing about music for publications like Blank Newspaper and throwing together house party shows. The house party shows proved the most fun and artistically rewarding, and he started his own series called From the Living Room. Finding new artists, locations and other series to collaborate with has given him the opportunity to be a part of Knoxville’s part of a national house concert movement.

Ken Smith
senior editor, Roadside America
Julianna Tullos
Office Manager, University of Tennessee in Knoxville
Luke Brogden
Special Education Teacher, Reporter, Promoter, Songwriter, Knox County Schools, Blank Newspaper, Southern Cities, From the Living Room in Knoxville
David Bolt
ET Permaculture Research Institute in Knoxville
Michael Samstag
Filmmaker, Rescue Doc Films in Knoxville
Catherine Porth
Project Designer/Account Manager, Synergy Business Environments in Knoxville
Breanna Browning
in Knoxville
Kathleen Gibi
in Knoxville
Philippe Hanset
CEO, we do Wi-Fi roaming for all, ANYROAM in Knoxville