Past Portland Maine Event: VOL 38

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VOL 38

May 25, 2017
@ Portland House of Music and Events

Postponed from our original March 14th date by a big honkin' blizzard, we present a wide range of stories from the technological to the inspirational.

Join us for another great night of presentations.  


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Facing Recovery

@ VOL 38 ON MAY 25, 2017

Joanne Arnold shares how one woman and a minivan mobilized the recovery community and drove them to work.
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Transparency Begins at Home

@ VOL 38 ON MAY 25, 2017

Bringing Portland's Budget into the 21st Century

Rob Korobkin presents his software tool that allows graphical visualization of the city budget, able to drill down with mouse clicks into the specifics of expenditures throughout City government.  This tool is made available online for free as an initiative to provide transparency in the public interest.

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Going Back to Standing Rock

@ VOL 38 ON MAY 25, 2017

Bob Keyes went to Standing Rock because he wanted to see for himself, to bear witness. He followed the story of the water protests from a distance when they began, then traveled to Standing Rock in November because doing nothing wasn’t enough. He says he learned something about community and the vitality of working together toward something bigger than self or an individual goal. The goal in this instance was to stop the pipeline. The success of that effort will be judged not by the final outcome of that infrastructure project – the oil will flow  – but by what happens next.


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@ VOL 38 ON MAY 25, 2017

Compa! is a new initiative started by Jean Paul Ngiruwera, a data engineer and community organizer from Rwanda, dedicated to bridging this gap through helping recent immigrants with tech skills to hone their expertise through additional trainings, meet local tech sector leaders and contribute directly to developing open source solutions that help solve the tech needs of other local community organizations.

Bob Keyes
Journalist, Portland Press Herald in Berwick Maine
Joanne Arnold
in Portland
Ken Grady
in Portland, Maine
Rob Korobkin
Community Developer in Portland, ME
Lorien Wood
Executive Assistant, L.L.Bean in Portland, Maine