Past Blue Mountains Event: VOL 20

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VOL 20

May 20, 2017
@ The Carrington

It's our 20th Anniversary and we are having a party.

It's our 20th Show in the Blue Mountains and this calls for a celebration. Join our guests and presenters and come to the show.

Our speakers include:

Jenbelle Kryptonite - Professional Fairy 
Manda Kaye - Wordsmith at Brandcamp
Julie Paterson - Design Director at Cloth Fabric
Troy Hovenden - Our Snake Man from the Blue Mountains
Sabrina Roesner - Exhibitions Manager, Blue Mountains Cultural Centre
Henry Stock - a Civil engineer from Katoomba

With Paperhill opening the show at 5:30pm in the Baroque Room.

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Starting a DIY Festival Movement

@ VOL 20 ON MAY 20, 2017

Manda Kaye shares how she started her own DIY Death Festival in Blackheath, Blue Mountains.

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Field Trip to Bilpin, Blue Mountains

@ VOL 20 ON MAY 20, 2017

Field Trip brought together contemporary Blue Mountains artists Sarah Breen Lovett,
Ona Janzen, Linda Seiffert and Jacqueline Spedding, in an exhibition of site-specific works that explore the physical, cultural and historical landscapes of BigCi.

BigCi (Bilpin international ground for Creative initiatives) is an artist run residency, located on eight acres of bushland, bordering the Wollemi National Park in the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains. The property and its artist residency program provide a unique platform for creative development, linking community, artists and scientists.

Curator Sabrina Roesner invited the artists on several‭ field trips to BigCi‭ over a twelve-month period, ‬where each artist directly responded to the environment and unearthed a myriad of narratives connected to the property‭. ‬Their diverse enquiries including video and multi‭-media installation‭, ‬photography‭, ‬ceramics and sculpture resulted in four site-specific installations displayed across the BigCi property.

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Becoming a professional Snake Catcher

@ VOL 20 ON MAY 20, 2017

Troy, the local snake catcher in the Blue Mountains talks about how he works by day at a facility in east of the Blue Mountains - and in his spare time - he catches snakes. 

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Fairyland - where in the Blue Mountains?

@ VOL 20 ON MAY 20, 2017

How humans interact with Fairies in the forest, right here in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. Jenbelle Kryptonite knows just where to look.

Sabrina Roesner
Exhibitions Manager, Blue Mountains Cultural Centre in Blackheath
julie paterson
Designer/artist, I work for myself in Blackheath
Jenbelle Kryptonite
Professional Fairy in the Blue Mountains,
Henry Stock
Civil Engineer, Me in Katoomba
Troy Hovenden
Snake Catcher , The Reptile Bloke in Springwood NSW