Past Sunshine Coast Event: VOL 20

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VOL 20

April 05, 2017
@ The Imperial Hotel, Eumundi

Due to some very wild weather in Queensland the event has been postponed to Wedneday 5th April. 

Green Scene – Changemakers” will be our monumental Pecha Kucha Night #20, and will be on  Wednesday 5th April at the Green Room, Imperial Hotel Eumundi.

The theme is Green Scene – Changemakers!

Tickets are available from here or at the door! 

We want to celebrate the clean, lean, mean and green – our coastal changemakers! This will be a night of stories and vision sof action to bring about change for what is important to folk on the Sunshine Coast – a lean, green, creative  future. Presentations will be about creative works, an intriguing project or place, the joys and perils of activism or creative visions for something amazing.

This year the Sunshine Coast Pecha Kucha Night events are hosted by the Sunshine Coast Creative Alliance and sponsored by CQUniversity Noosa and through the Sunshine Coast Council's Community Partnership Funding Program and Noosa Council’s RADF program in association with Arts Queensland.

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Backyard Farms and Ethical Groceries

@ VOL 20 ON APR 05, 2017

Be inspired by the the work of Ben Sirl and Renae who are champions of urban agriculture and ethical grocery and have set up a small ethical grocery store in Palmwoods on the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast (Australia). For the past 4 years they have been running their ‘Backyard Farms Project’. Coming from a previous life working in broad acre agriculture industry and high density urbanised areas, Ben was witness to the destruction of our rural lands and rise of urban environments. Through the Backyard Farms Project, he and Renae encourage urban agriculture through inviting customers to bring in high quality excess produce in exchange for other grocery items. Ben feels a sense of urgency and responsibility to share their experiences in the hope it may seed change for other communities as well. 

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The Trashy Artisan

@ VOL 20 ON APR 05, 2017

Dolls were never Lucy Yule’s thing, instead she climbed trees, built cubbies and caught bugs in her bug catcher. She went on to study horticulture and developed a special interest in Ethnobotany, moving on to running a ‘school’ at a climate controlled vegetable farm on the edge of the Abu Dhabi Empty Quarter. After returning to Australia Lucy worked in a factory and was gob-smacked at the amount of discard that went into landfill. She therefore decided to create a Social Enterprise that channels commercial discards away from landfill and towards schools, artists and creatives. She shares with us her plans and visions for what has become known as ‘The Trashy Artisan’. 

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Nature weavers

@ VOL 20 ON APR 05, 2017

Natureweavers is an award winning forest school program for children and families that combines environmental education, nature connection and regional sustainability. Based in Black Mountain, Carly Garner and her team have been working with children in wildspace since 2010. Their programs include a weekly bush kinder, a monthly WildPlayGroup, Saturday sessions, seasonal celebrations, overnight camps and holiday programs. Carly is also a member of the International Association of Nature Pedagogy and advisor to the Forest School Alliance.  In her presentation, Carly talks about her innovative approach to environmental education with kids taking risks and getting down and dirty! 

Lucy Yule
Educator, The Trashy Artisan Cooperative in Peregian Beach
Carly Garner
Mentor, Natureweavers Earth School in Sunshine Coast
Ben Sirl
Activist Grocer, Renae's Pantry in Palmwoods