Past Christchurch Event: VOL 30

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Shell Chapel: An Architectural Storyteller

@ VOL 30 ON MAR 15, 2017

What is good architecture? In this talk, Ting Lin (Architectural student) speaks about the importance of creating architecture for people and uses her recent award-winning project, Shell Chapel, as a case study to convey this point. 

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@ VOL 30 ON MAR 15, 2017

Rob Woolley overcame stuttering through perseverance. He continued to challenge himself and became a communication coach, helping others to succeed in public speaking. In this talk, he shares his story and passion for continuous self improvement. 

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Why I Fell in Love with Photography and What I Did About It

@ VOL 30 ON MAR 15, 2017

Heather Milne, obsessed with details, recently fell in love with photography. She loves following light, capturing animals and documenting patterns, lines and rhythms. She uses photography as a tool to explore ways of weaving details into stories.  

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Can you Dig it

@ VOL 30 ON MAR 15, 2017

Have you ever paid much attention to plants or flowers growing in your garden? Gardening is a creative venture connecting you with nature and your home. In this talk, Charlotte Cottrell shows her love for gardening and demonstrates the love that her garden gives back. 

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Sink to Success

@ VOL 30 ON MAR 15, 2017

Coffee enthusiast, Hamish Evans, is passionate about improving hospitality. He recently opened a cafe in the newly restored Arts Centre in Christchurch. He drew inspiration from a 1878 story about the modification of a bunsen burner and turned his cafe, Bunsen, into something that was more than just a brand. In this talk, he shares his journey and shows the importance of relationships along the way. 

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Activating new audiences, hearing new voices

@ VOL 30 ON MAR 15, 2017

After an experimental theatre performance, Holly Chappell-Eason and Tom Eason shares their vision for Christchurch to be the innovative theatre capital of New Zealand. They are determined to support theatre practitioners, educate young creatives and challenge how much a show reflects or deals with the lives of the audience and their city. 

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My Castle, My Castle

@ VOL 30 ON MAR 15, 2017

Architectural designer, James Douglas, always loved castles. This passion parallels with his profession and encourages him to travel around the world to experience in person the power of these grand architectural expressions, their heritage and cultural significance.

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A Living Economies Mind Feast: Moving Out of Insane Economics

@ VOL 30 ON MAR 15, 2017

Gen de Spa talks about living economies as an educational network promoting systems of exchange that foster community wellbeing. She shares the importance of strengthening and helping sustain regional economies by promoting interest-free means of exchange - currencies based on and respecting the living systems of our planet - to complement money in local communities. 

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Me + Christchurch

@ VOL 30 ON MAR 15, 2017

Local artist and photographer, Veronika Hegedus-Gaspar, started her recent art project, Me+Christchurch, as a way to promote her photography business but soon realised it was a powerful way to help locals to reflect on their experiences in post-earthquake Christchurch. After interviewing over 200 strangers, she was able to help people understand their sense of place. 

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Healing Song

@ VOL 30 ON MAR 15, 2017

Community weaver and musician, Zion Tauamiti, pays tribute to 20 important Wahine Toa (Maori for Female Leader/Queen) through his talk. They have supported him through the best and the worst of times and helped him understand the importance of listening and nurturing empathy. 

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Trying Something Different

@ VOL 30 ON MAR 15, 2017

Light Artist, Tom Lynch, shares his unexpected results after projecting images onto natural canvases including waterfalls, cliff sides and giant rocks. Gradual success has led him to persue more ambitious artworks and encourages us to be creative and try something different with the tools we have.

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Rob Woolley
Communication Coach, Self Employed in Christchurch
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Tom Lynch
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Holly Chappell
Director, Two Productions Ltd in Christchurch
Tom Eason
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James Douglas
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Zion Tauamiti
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Gen de Spa
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Charlotte Cottrell
Creator & Cultivator in Christchurch
Hamish Evans
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Heather Milne
Marketing and Photography, Takahe Marketing & Design Solutions in Christchurch