Past Sana'a Event: VOL 11

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VOL 11

December 31, 2016
@ Palace of India Restaurant

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Kahramana: A story to be told

@ VOL 11 ON DEC 31, 2016


Sananizm : aims to present a contemporary style to the Yemeni culture. As a concept, it is rooted in Yemeni architectural heritage of the Old City of derives its lines and patterns from the traditional architecture and crafts of the Old City, and creates a new form in modern materials.

The Old City of Sanaa is very inspiring. Its remarkable harmony, rich architecture and interior design, diverse patterns, meticulous proportions, amazing colors, and materials are very fascinating. All these elements triggered our interest in starting Sananizm  which a new Yemeni style in interior design, one that derives its soul from the Old City’s amazing harmony. As a result, We  have started researching the history of the Old City; beginning from its architecture to the development of the handcrafts trade,in corporation of Interior Design professors and archeology experts.


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