Past Cambridge Event: VOL 8

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February 07, 2017
@ Espresso Library

You'll have had a month to get back into the swing of things, and once you've finally cleared that backlog of emails, you'll need some inspiration. 

Here's Vol. 8 of the ever-growing PechaKucha Cambridge.

Speakers below. Look at their faces.

A league of inspirational superheroes.

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Burning Man, Creative Nirvana

@ VOL 8 ON FEB 07, 2017

The largest gathering of creative people on the planet, gathering for one week in the Nevada Desert with 75,000 like minded souls sharing a diverse collection of creative experiences and outpouring. This was Paul Smith's journey.

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Life’s Important Things

@ VOL 8 ON FEB 07, 2017

Adrian Reith explains that Act 3 is the 20+ extra years we’re all going to have - in reasonable health - with higher expectations -  that our parents didn't get, or just called ‘retirement’,  pipe and slippers, decline… Our generation will want much more than our parents, and will be capable of more … but there isn’t a model.  Yet.

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Analogue photography: embracing imperfection

@ VOL 8 ON FEB 07, 2017

Why should film when digital cameras are so convenient and ubiquitous? Jack Clearman explains that the joy of film is as much about the process itself as the dreamy look and fashion statement. To shoot with analogue cameras is to accept and work with imperfection, to embrace the unknown and revel in it.

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Sniff it all, Collect it all, Know it All

@ VOL 8 ON FEB 07, 2017

The age of privacy is over, or is it? Colin Ramsay walks us through recent changes to UK surveillance law, musings on the Orwellian state, Snowden revelations, the mass harvesting of our personal data and asks what have we given up (and does it matter?) by embracing the convenience of digital apps & technologies.  

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Changing perspectives towards those of us with Down syndrome

@ VOL 8 ON FEB 07, 2017

Every child should be brought into this world with optimism. A life with Down Syndrome (the most common genetic condition!) should be celebrated as much as a life without Down Syndrome! Tania Khan shares. 


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Urban Sketching

@ VOL 8 ON FEB 07, 2017

What is USK, its origins, its manifesto and what Cambridge urban sketchers do. Yasemin Gyford explores the magic of sketching on location with others and talks about sharing with the world online.

Colin Ramsay
Filmmaker in Cambridge
Adrian Reith
Executive Coach in Cambridge
Jack Clearman
Graduate Student, University of Cambridge in Cambridge
Paul Smith
Marketing Creative , Self- employed in Cambridge
Tania Khan
Graphic Designer, Self Employed in Cambridge
Yasemin Gyford
in Cambridge
Sylwia Dulczewska
Tax Advisor/Tax Accountant in Cambridge