Past Paris Event: VOL 29

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Collaboration and Food Innovation

@ VOL 29 ON DEC 06, 2016

Francesco Cingolani, co-founder of Volumes Coworking, speaks about the concept and approach of Volumes to facilitate short and longer term developments in the field of food innovation from a foundation of exchange and collaboration.

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Be the food you want to share

@ VOL 29 ON DEC 06, 2016

Myriam Bouré, co-founder of Open Food France, sees food distribution as a major problem in today's food system. Through reconnecting producers and consumers, and the decentralisation of power over our food, Open Food France aims to contribute to innovation in the food system.

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Good for you, good for the planet

@ VOL 29 ON DEC 06, 2016

Alessandro Ruggeri, R&D Manager at Barilla, explains more about Barilla's "Good for You, Good for the Planet" strategy. With 5 research centers worldwide Barilla actively explores how it, as a global food actor, can change the way business is done in the food sector.

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La Cuisine Comme Vecteur de Lien Social

@ VOL 29 ON DEC 06, 2016

Johanna Pestour, co-founder of Mamie Food, emphasises the kitchen as a culinary and a social space. With grannies and grandpas cooking their best recipes, authentic dishes are shared between generations to preserve culinary treats and battle loneliness among elderly people. 

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Food As a Language

@ VOL 29 ON DEC 06, 2016

Shirley Kaston, as a chef and information technoligist, co-created the Kök Projekt. She views food as a language for sustainability and social innovation. Together with her partners she aims to create an international network and platform of food entrepreneurs to grow and exchange food related solutions. 

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Ultimate Food Friend

@ VOL 29 ON DEC 06, 2016

Maxime Patte, co-founder of Mmmh!, introduces the idea of the digital ultimate food friend. Someone who is at your disposal to ask all of your food questions, based on your needs. Recipes, food origins or food health questions? Via your phone you have access to the food information you are looking for.  

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Building the World's Largest Caterer

@ VOL 29 ON DEC 06, 2016

Franck Mithieux and Giorgio Riccò are respectively Communication Manager and COO at La Belle Assiette. La Belle Assiette is a one-platform company organising and distributing the whole catering industry online. They share their recent experience of working with an industry giant as partner and investor, as financial means and network effects are vital ingredients to grow their food service innovation fast and acquire a leadership position on the market.

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La Tablée des Chefs

@ VOL 29 ON DEC 06, 2016

Lyndsi Baker, director of La Tablée des Chefs France, tells the story of how the association uses the kitchen as a space for social innovation and enggagement. Combining action and awareness, La Tablée des Chefs links hotels and caterers with food banks to redistribute left-over food, but also mobilises chefs to educate youngsters on the fun and importance of good food behaviors.  

H. Cenk Dereli
Architect, NOBON
Francesco Cingolani
Co-founder, VOLUMES in Paris
Johanna Pestour
Co-founder Mamie Foodie in Paris
Myriam Bouré
Co-founder Open Food France in Paris
Alessandro Ruggeri
Sr Manager R&D Barilla France, Barilla Group in Paris
Maxime Patte
Co-fonder Mmmh! in Paris
Shirley Kaston
Co-founder Kök Project
Franck Mithieux
Communication manager La Belle Assiette, La Belle Assiette in Paris
Giorgio Riccò
Co-fonder La Belle Assiette in Paris
Lyndsi Baker
Director La Tablée des Chefs, La Tablée des Chefs in Paris