Past Bandar Seri Begawan Event: VOL 9

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"I Think You Are Wonderful" And Other Ways To Say Thank You

@ VOL 9 ON NOV 05, 2016

When expresing appreciation, Ahmad Syauqie believes that simplicity and sincerity are key. And often, saying the words 'Thank you' is all it takes.

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So, What's The Pointe?

@ VOL 9 ON NOV 05, 2016

Charlotte Lim always wanted to become a dancer ever since she saw the beauty in ballet. It wasn't until she grew older and was more experienced in the dance scene that she realized how it was so much the same as life. Through the sweat, the tears and blood, she shares her knowledge and the similarities between life and the art of dancing.

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The Dreaded A

@ VOL 9 ON NOV 05, 2016

Are you an artist? How do you know? Is there a checklist on Google that can help? Cristina Nance Yong checked and found none. Sometimes the biggest obstacle we face in the pursuit of making a name for ourselves is with the very name itself. Words like musician, writer and artist all have definitions but whether you can find yourself fitting those definitions can be a daunting question for many.

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Journey Into Entrepeurship

@ VOL 9 ON NOV 05, 2016

A side creative project triggered Jasmyne Koh's interest into art and design, changing her whole life. Taking experiences from studies abroad, travels and then starting both a 3D printing service company and a handmade leather company, she talks about how all things fall into place in life.

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Russia, With Coffee

@ VOL 9 ON NOV 05, 2016

In Firdaus Omar's world, coffee is water, coffee is life. His story begins with his journey as an accidental diplomat who fell in love with coffee in Russia. Now, he brings his new passion and love to help build Brunei's coffee scene.

Cristina Nance Yong
English Teacher, PTE Tutong in Bandar Seri Begawan
Firdaus Omar
Chief Coffee Stickler, It’s A Grind Brunei & Co-Founder, TwentyFive, IAG Brunei, TwentyFive in Bandar Seri Begawan
Jasmyne Koh
Co-founder and Designer for Dyvan Co & Juste Leather Co in Bandar Seri Begawan
Charlotte Lim
Co - Founder & Director of The Creative Core BN] | Contemporary Dance Teacher in Bandar Seri Begawan
Ahmad Syauqie
Student in Bandar Seri Begawan