Past Halifax Event: VOL 21

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@ VOL 21 ON SEP 24, 2016

Dr. Sandra Alfoldy is NSCAD's Professor of Craft History and Associate Curator of Fine Craft at the AGNS. She is the author and editor of four books, and has curated international and national craft exhibitions. Her forthcoming book is on "Craftwashing: the uses and abuses of craft in popular culture."

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Group Us - Start Something New

@ VOL 21 ON SEP 24, 2016

Colin Conrad and Dijana Kosmajac are PhD students at Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Computer Science. They are presenting an app called GroupUs that they worked on at ShiftKey Labs. They say that this will be an interactive presentation, and are super-interested in hearing your thoughts on the app.

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Gaelic Nova Scotia

@ VOL 21 ON SEP 24, 2016

Nurtured in the kinship systems and culture of Cape Breton Island, by the waves North Eastern Atlantic, never far from water’s ways, art and design has taken me briefly to the compasses arts, always returning to the shore to address environmental and now, ethno-sphere concerns – the renewal of a hidden minority culture, Gaelic Nova Scotia.

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Mathematical Art

@ VOL 21 ON SEP 24, 2016

"I try to create pieces that show the mathematics, so that people realize how mathematics is not just boring old computations, but something beautiful to look at.”

Dr. Eva Knoll has been a practicing mathematical artist as long as she can remember. Because of this, she studied architecture, which led her to pursue graduate studies to investigate the geometry in the work of a Swiss Concrete artist. She now teaches how to teach mathematics, at the Mount. In "Mathematical Art" from PechaKucha Night Halifax Vol. 21, she explained how her pieces answer mathematical questions and shape our vision of it as a pure "dry" science.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Thursday, November 17th, 2016.

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She Who Makes

@ VOL 21 ON SEP 24, 2016

April Mandrona is a new assistant professor in the Division of Art History & Critical Studies. Her research interests cut across several disciplines including Art Education, Gender Studies, and Children's Geographies. Her current work focuses on the development of ethical approaches to supporting the creative activities of young people.

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Learning Long Life

@ VOL 21 ON SEP 24, 2016

"When we value something, we put money and energy into it, we get a result."

In "Learning Long Life" from PechaKucha Halifax Vol. 21Gary Markle discusses his innovative approach to fashion trends for the aging population. Gary is an Associate Professor of Fashion at the Nova Scotia NSCAD. He is currently the Chair of the Craft Division. In 2013 together with Professor Glen Hougan, Markle was awarded a two-year Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CHIR) grant to investigate strategies for designing for healthy ageing. 

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Friday, November 25th, 2016. 

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Drawing Lab Guy

@ VOL 21 ON SEP 24, 2016

Mathew Reichertz is an artist who has always been interested in science. A while ago he was approached about collaborating with scientists to study stuff that he was already interested in from a lay person’s perspective. He jumped at the opportunity and has been really excited and humbly grateful for the opportunity ever since.

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Marginality Variously Constructed

@ VOL 21 ON SEP 24, 2016

Vice President of Academic & Research and a Victorianist.

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Rural Arts Activism

@ VOL 21 ON SEP 24, 2016

"These days, arts and artists are mostly urban, this is not news, but whenever things are brought from the wilderness to the country, to the city, they are brought to make a point."

In "Rural Arts Activism" from PechaKucha Night Halifax Vol. 21, Associate Professor at NSCAD University Karin Cope presents the many creative opportunities in Halifax to explore the arts to enhance the lives of the members of her rural community. 

Karen is a poet, sailor, photographer, videographer, writer, activist, and blogger. Her publications include scholarly works (Passionate Collaborations: Learning to Live with Gertrude Stein,) popular histories (Casting a Legend: The Story of the Lunenburg Foundry), poetry (What we’re doing to stay afloat), short stories, and substantial blogs. A founding member of Art and Activism at NSCAD, Cope is also a community activist on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. 

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