Past Dayton Event: VOL 28

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VOL 28

September 22, 2016
@ Gosiger

Gosiger is going to put up a tent and invite us to party at their place! (McDonough + Bacon) We can't believe our luck! Not only do we have a venue that's exciting the heck out of us, we have a tantalizing assemblage of presenters lined up. Now, this list is still tentative, but it's looking really great. And--oh yeah--our emcee will be Jason Antonick.

  • Aili Bresnahan - Dance: what and why
    Brynn Delange - Bearded dragons
    Crystal Lake - Artisanal products inspired by literature
    Arch Grieve - Sarajevo, Bosnia
    Joel Pruce - a Ferguson, Missouri, project
    Yvette Kelly-Fields - Blame it on the Funk
    Juanita Darden-Jones - the arrival of Downtown Brown
    Todd Muskopf - Boudoir photography and survivorship
  • Randi Levinson - sexuality

Plus, we're hoping to snoop some history on the folks at Gosiger, a century-old, family-owned machine tool, engineering and automation joint. They are kind of awesome.

Huge thanks as always to our sponsors, Catapult Creative, Michael Kalter LLC and Dragonfly Editorial. We wouldn't be able to serve beer without them.

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The Philosophy of Dance: What and Why?

@ VOL 28 ON SEP 22, 2016

Aili Bresnahan is a philosophy professor at the University of Dayton. She grew up studying ballet. Her specialty is the philosophy of dance and she is often asked what that is (and why it matters) by well-meaning people on airplanes. Aili’s presentation is an attempt to answer those questions.

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Dayton's Sister City

@ VOL 28 ON SEP 22, 2016

Arch Grieve  and his wife Amanda celebrated their first year anniversary of living in the Walnut Hills neighborhood by traveling to one of our sister cities: Sarajevo, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, along with the Dayton Sister City Committee. Arch studied International and Comparative Politics at Wright Stat University. As Treasurer of the Dayton Sister City Committee, he wants to share a bit about the Dayton delegation's trip, how he fell in love with the country, and how you can get involved in strengthening our city's relationship with Sarajevo.

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Blame it on the Funk

@ VOL 28 ON SEP 22, 2016

Yvette Kelly-Fields is the executive director of Wesley Community Center.  This summer she produced a show called “Blame It On The Funk.” She is here tonight to teach something about Dayton funk music and the need for arts funding in urban schools.

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Moral Courage Project

@ VOL 28 ON SEP 22, 2016

Joel Pruce teaches human rights at the University of Dayton and lives with his family in Historic South Park. Joel is also team lead on the Moral Courage Project-- an experiential learning and research program launched by UD's Human Rights Center. Joel will share the team's work from the first Moral Courage Project rip to Ferguson, Missouri.

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The 5 Erotic Blueprints

@ VOL 28 ON SEP 22, 2016

Randi Levinson is a Marriage and Family Therapist turned Clinical Sexologist. She has a passion for intimacy and connection and her mission in life is to help people accept themselves in order to enjoy pleasure and love.

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Bearded Dragons

@ VOL 28 ON SEP 22, 2016

Brynn DeLange moved to Dayton about two years ago, accompanied by her bearded dragon. She now owns three dragons and would take them everywhere with her if she could. In this PK, she is going to go over proper husbandry and nutrition for the beginning dragon owner, so their new pet can stay happy and healthy.

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The Classic Beauty Project

@ VOL 28 ON SEP 22, 2016

Todd Muskopf's background as a fine art painter, art teacher, and senior high school photographer have all contributed to his current passion, the Classic Beauty Project.  Through this project, participants experience a modern day photo shoot in the style of old Hollywood.  Todd provides the wardrobe, props, lighting and artistic vision. But his photo subjects bring a special energy to the project. Something that goes well beyond glamour. Todd is here to share their stories.


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Visual Literature

@ VOL 28 ON SEP 22, 2016

Crystal Lake is an Associate Professor in the English Department at Wright State University. She earned her PhD in 2008, and before moving to Dayton in 2011, she was a postdoctoral fellow at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Crystal teaches courses and conducts research on British literature, history, and culture.


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The Arrival of Downtown Brown

@ VOL 28 ON SEP 22, 2016

Juanita Darden Jones is the owner of Third Perk Coffeehouse & Wine Bar and Third Perk Express. She is a Dayton native and graduate of Dunbar High School and the University of Dayton. Juanita-Michelle is interested in not only the revitalization of downtown Dayton but to the City as a whole.

Randi Levinson
Sex and relationship coach , Self in Dayton
Aili Bresnahan
Assistant Professor, University of Dayton in Dayton
Crystal Lake
Associate Professor, Wright State University in Dayton