Past Penticton Event: VOL 5

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September 08, 2016
@ Cannery Brewing
PechaKucha Penticton vol. 5 has arrived!
Vol 5 of our local speaker series focuses on the topic "Why here?" and asks presenters to reflect on what brought them to the South Okanagan, what keeps them here and what effect their presence has on community, commerce and culture.

Some of our amazing speakers for this next event include:

Ian MacDonald - Liquidity Winery
Hayley Bowie - The Rocky Bean Co.
Jen Vincent - Cowork Penticton
Howie Richardson - Skaha Bluffs
Lyndie Seddon - Hoodoo Adventures
Nic Vincent - Cowork Penticton
Patt Dyk - Cannery Brewing
Rylee McKinley - Youth Activist
Dan Walton - Reporter, Photographer

Doors open at 6pm, speakers at 7 sharp! 
This will be our first event in our new location, in the brew room of Cannery Brewing at 198 Ellis st. 
A huge thank you to them for hosting our event! 
Delicious beverages will also be available.


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The Tale of the Rocky Bean Co

@ VOL 5 ON SEP 08, 2016

Bouncing in on a kangaroo and bouncing out on coffee beans, the bouancy and charisma of Hayley Bowie is unbeatable. From Australia to serving incredible espresso out of a retrofitted van named Penny, Hayley explains the spark that ignited their community centric coffee business Rocky Mountain Bean co. , what drew them to the valley and their bold plans to stay grow it in the future. 

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Naramata...Naramata...Here we come!

@ VOL 5 ON SEP 08, 2016

Jennifer Vincent intimately invites us on her journey of growing up in the Okanagan, by serendaing the crowd in and out of her presentation with the song her family used to sing on their drive out. The warm of summer and passion that has driven Jennifer and her family's work to make the Okanagan their home dribbles out of the presentation like biting into a fresh peach. Through this passion, one is able to understand how the work of founding their business has truly been worth it. 

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The Path to Liquidity

@ VOL 5 ON SEP 08, 2016

What do Fruit of the Loom, the 1988 Calgary Olympics and wine have in common? Ian MacDonald traces their unlikely connection which led him to opening Liquidity winery. Aware of the vibrancy needed to support this path, Ian includes some of his plans for sustainability, and his passion behind the venture. This centers on bringing more artists to the Okanangan, and more of the Okanagan to artists, through free public artists talks, and a rotating collection of incredible sculpture and paintings. 

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Keeping Kids Dirty

@ VOL 5 ON SEP 08, 2016

Born and raised in the Okanagan, Lyndie Seddon speaks about her travels that took her home, her big gamble to establish her business here, and the diverse ways it's grown. From keeping kids dirty, to teaching kayak rolls in the community pool, Lyndie is inspiring the youth to look up to the hills and into the lake for the reasons and lessons that keep us here, and keep us coming back. Lyndie ends her presentation by explaining her decision to found the climbing gym, as well as her organization devoted to getting kids outside and inspired by wilderness and themselves. 

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Life Tangents

@ VOL 5 ON SEP 08, 2016

For Nick Vincent building community begins and ends with family. Through his personal story of growing his own family and personal life, Nick knits together the ways that he's brought the same values to a wider group from Australia, via the UK to Penticton. From elaborate theme parties, artists spaces to a Coworking space, Nick's passion for community shines through everything that he does. 

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Overcoming Anorexia

@ VOL 5 ON SEP 08, 2016

Rylee McKinlay boldly steps out of the shadows to take the audience on a vivid and raw journey through her ongoing battle with mental health. Initially struggling to access support in the Kootenays, Rylee and her family relocated to find the help they needed for anorexia in the Okanagan. Since recovering Rylee shares her ongoing work to battle anorexia, as well as dismantle stigma and empower others to do the same.

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With Whimsy and Grace

@ VOL 5 ON SEP 08, 2016

With whimsy and grace, Danny Walton weaves us through his artist philosophy as mystically as the art it produces. Featuring local and personal photography, Danny invites us to enjoy the wonder and inspiration creativity can bring to conventional photography, as well as the potential of what straying from the conventional can produce.

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Serendipity Brings Us Home

@ VOL 5 ON SEP 08, 2016

Owner and founder, Patt Dyck narrates the genesis of Cannery Brewing and her time in the Okanagan. From a family business to their new larger space. Patt's passion about not only bringing amazing craft beer to the valley, also underpins the power of their new tap room to be a community hub. Their larger plans involve collaborating with neighbouring businesses to revitalize Ellis street and continue hosting events - like Pecha Kucha! Thanks Patt! 

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557 and Beyond!

@ VOL 5 ON SEP 08, 2016

From Edmonton to Australia and back again Vaelei Walkden-Brown speaks about starting the 557 gallery and her impetus for founding Pecha Kucha Penticton. In part catalyzed by her study in interior architecture, Vaelei explores the interconnection between community building and visual and physical spaces, featuring her past projects and current artistic endeavors, as well as some of the key community players that have helped her along the way.

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New Faces, New Ideas!

@ VOL 5 ON SEP 08, 2016

Tracing her own journey, first to Canada from Pakistan and then from Toronto to Penticton, Tahira Saeed illustrates and parallels some of the general challenges of moving to a new community with some of her own. She ends her presentation by expalining her own work and the work of SOICS (the South Okanagan Immigrationa and Community Services), and the value and vibrancy new immigrants bring to our community. 

Vaelei Walkden-Brown
Art Gallery Owner + Curator, 557 Artist Gallery in Penticton
Peter Wolf
Carpenter Apprentice, Photographer, Artist, Screen Printer, Foundation to Finish in Penticton
Patt Dyck
Cannery Brewing in Penticton
Howie Richardson
Gentleman in Okanagan Falls
Lyndie Seddon
Owner/operator Hoodoo Adventures in Penticton
Nicholas Vincent
I build community., Cowork Penticton in Penticton
Jen Vincent
in Penticton
Hayley Bowie
in Penticton
Danny Walton
Journalist , Aberdeen Publishing in Penticton
Ian MacDonald
Liquidity Winery in Okanagan Falls
Rylee McKinlay
Youth Activist in Penticton
Tahira Saeed
Program Manager , South Okanagan Immigrant & Community Services in Penticton