Past St Joseph Event: VOL 6

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September 16, 2016
@ The Livery Microbrewery

The PK Experiment! Join us outdoors on a fun Friday Night for PechaKucha SJBH Vol.6 at The Livery in Benton Harbor. Drinks. Food. And a crrrazzzy cool line up!


Doors open at 7:30 PM
Sun sets at 7:54 PM
Events starts at 8:30 PM!

Buy a guaranteed VIP EARLY BIRD seat online for $4.65  ~or~  we ask for a suggested donation at the door for $3.00 (cash or credit). If you pay at the door, get there early for a good seat or you can also BYOLC (bring your own lawn chair)

The theme of this event is all about TRANSFORMATION. The stories from these unique individuals is each one to hear live! Transformations in life, career, design, art, community, business, don't miss these presenters: Dave Clayton, Leah Tirado, John Monteiro, Ken Ankli, John Egelhaaf, Peter Colovos, Nathan Margoni, Vicki Franks, Josh Nowicki, Tracy Braman, Norma Tirado.

PLUS a special "random slides" PK from Candice Elders, who's been brave enough to accept the task of comic relief and tell an improvised story to slides she's never seen before!  Fun stuff, don't miss it!


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Reflections on Water

@ VOL 6 ON SEP 16, 2016

Ken Ankli is the Chief, Cook, and Sidewalk Sweeper (aka President) for Brammall Supply Co. He is an Observer, Investor & Cheerleader for the Benton Harbor Arts District, and the President of the New Territory Arts Association for the past 6 years. As a developer and manager of the urban-industrial Quarter Note Lofts, his work is one example of his favorite quote - "It's never too late to re-imagine an alternate outcome!"

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@ VOL 6 ON SEP 16, 2016

You might be wondering what "Sub-Creator" means. Well, many people, like John Monteiro, believe that our Creator created all, so his humble title of Sub-Creator is to keep himself in check that we are all only creating from what was already created in this world. And John does a lot of creating! John's PK is about the value in Creating, whether skilled or not, the process alone has great value. John is a Senior Engineer at Whirlpool Corporation and despite his knack for lean process and measurable metrics, he experiments endlessly in his creative adventures.

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Swimming Upstream – A Large Plan for the Harbor to Stir the Soul

@ VOL 6 ON SEP 16, 2016

John Egelhaaf is described - by a close, anonymous friend of his -  of usually being the smartest guy in the room with the highest, most honest standards. "If we could only see the goo in his head, it would be in technicolor and packaged brilliance." John is the Executive Director at Southwest Michigan Planning Commission

Peter Colovos is a Chicago native who's been described - by a close, anonymous friend of his -  "to be admired for his relentless jump-out-of-bed-every-day-with-a-purpose tenacity."   Founding Prairie Real Estate Group in Chicago, IL in 1994 was a culmination of transforming Peter’s passion of architecture construction and real estate experience into a career. Creating the optimal blend of good architecture and design product that enhances their tenants’ quality of life is the keystone of The Prairie Real Estate Group. (A quality of life that allows Peter the gusto to take our challenge to HACK THE HARBOR and swim from shore to shore. ;)

THEY GIVE a fresh look at the Twin Cities Harbor - by questioning everything, it might be possible to swim against the flow of the last half century!


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Alcoholism to Ironman: A Story of Recovery

@ VOL 6 ON SEP 16, 2016

Dave Clayton has lived and worked in the SJBH area for the past 32 years and is originally from Dexter, Mi. He  is a loving husband, father of two and embodies a sober, adrenalin junkie. His family’s Irish heritage reveals a long line of drinking and smoking, while  his own childhood was filled with substances, not substance. He tells a story of  transformation from unhealthy to healthy life choices; from smoking joints to aching joints.

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Greenspan Construction - Building Benton Harbor's First Container Home

@ VOL 6 ON SEP 16, 2016

Vicki Franks, with her husband Shane, built Benton Harbor's first container home in 2015, a beautiful space that will make us rethink what's possible in real estate. The inspiration to do this hit at the crossroads of a trip she took and the time the couple snagged an outrageously affordable lot in Benton Harbor. Vicki's PK is eye candy for design lover's!


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From Grotesque to Picturesque (But Actually It's All the Same)

@ VOL 6 ON SEP 16, 2016

"These paintings are picturesque, balanced, colorful and fun on the surface but underneath, there's something ugly and violent going on."

In From Grotesque to Picturesque (But Actually It's All the Same) at PechaKucha Night St. Joseph Vol. 6 Nathan Margoni presents his unsettlingly monstrous artworks and their gradual progress from grotesque to picturesque. Although his newest works are more pleasant on the surface, they aren't what they seem....

 Nathan is an artist who never thought he'd wind up back in his hometown of St. Joseph, MI, but that is exactly where he is, and the worst part is that he kind of likes it.  After receiving his BFA in painting from the Cleveland Institute of Art and his MFA in sculpture from SUNY Purchase College, Nathan slogged it out in New York for a while before returning home to live with his sister for a “couple of months.”  “A couple of months” turned out to be 3 years, but he did eventually get a real job at the Krasl Art Center and move out.  Through all of this, Nathan has continued to make and exhibit his paintings and sculptures, which are often inspired by the town he grew up and still lives in today.

Nathan Margoni
Manager of Education and Interpretation, Krasl Art Center in Benton Harbor
Peter Colovos
Real Estate Developer, Prairie Real Estate Group in Benton Harbor
John Egelhaaf
Executive Director at Southwest Michigan Planning Commission in St. Joseph/Benton Harbor
Joshua Nowicki
Designer & Photographer, Joshua Nowicki Photography & Holt Bosse in Saint Joseph
Dave Clayton
Whirlpool Corporation
Leah Tirado
Teaching Artist in Benton Harbor
John Monteiro
Sub-Creator, Whirlpool Corporation in St. Joseph, MI
Ken Ankli
Chief, Cook, and Sidewalk Sweeper for Brammall Supply Co., Brammall Supply Co. in St. Joseph/Benton Harbor
Tracy Braman
Executive Director, HR at Lakeland Health, Lakeland Regional Health System
Norma Tirado
VP HR, IT and Organizational Transformation/Chief Talent and Transformation Officer, Lakeland Regional Health System in St. Joseph/Benton Harbor