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April 09, 2016
@ Nido Bianco

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Once upon a time...

@ VOL 1 ON APR 09, 2016

Angela Reichart covers the saga of Ibrahim Parlack, owner of the Cafe Gulistan in Harbert, MI. 

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The Wish Deck

@ VOL 1 ON APR 09, 2016

In a world where excess technology is hindering kids ability to communicate and have empathy, where pink elephants have become permanent fixtures in our living rooms, where rugs have too much swept underneath them... now there's Wish Deck!

Elizabeth Nuti presents Wish Deck, a deck of 58 illustrated cards designed to tap you into your Inner Voice and connect you on a deeper level with yourself and others. Images were our first language, before words. Wish Deck helps you go beyond words and access your inner world of truth, feeling, intuition, insight and empathy.

Wish Deck opens dialogue and starts conversations! Let your #InnerVoiceOut!

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Pecha? Kucha?

@ VOL 1 ON APR 09, 2016

Kay Hartmann offers some tips applied from her experience as an information designer to creating a user-fun and friendly PK format.

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Five Layers of Light

@ VOL 1 ON APR 09, 2016

Five Layers of Light is Roger Batton's storytelling philosophy. As Executive Producer of Indigan Storyteller, Roger creates storytelling events and performs throughout the United States, Mexico and Europe. The Five Layers of Light process opens the roots of story, allowing the teller to take ownership and re-create your personal history. Find out more at

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Infusco Coffee Roasters

@ VOL 1 ON APR 09, 2016

Rich Siri is a philanthropist/entrepreneur working through the coffee supply chain world wide. His PechaKucha "Infusco Coffee Roasters" tells his story of launching a small coffee production company in Sawyer Michigan that led him to coffee growers in Africa and Central America to find sustainable agriculture.

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20 Characters of Chance, Change and Creativity

@ VOL 1 ON APR 09, 2016

Straight out of his early years, Gregg Fraley, Producer and Indigan Storyteller, examines the iconic images of celebrity and motion pictures with a narrative of their influence on American culture.

Gregg Fraley is an author, speaker, and creativity consultant.  He lives in Three Oaks, Michigan. He’s the author of Jack’s Notebook, a business fable about creative problem solving. Jack’s Notebook is used by schools like Berkeley, St. John’s, and Cambridge. Gregg worked in entertainment television and was a stand-up comedian in the 80’s. He’s done improv with Players Workshop of Second City and has spoken to hundreds of business groups about creativity. 

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I'm Sorry Mom....

@ VOL 1 ON APR 09, 2016

Kevin Brunton, Producer and Indigan Storyteller, with images and story, leads us through all the childhood adventures that bring him to the place where he needs to apologize to his Mom for all the crazy stuff he did as a boy.

With 30+ years in the enterprise software consulting industry, Kevin's daily focus is usually on numbers, logic and organization. With storytelling, he is finding a new avenue of expression. Married for 24 years to his soul mate, Kevin has three boys and eight grandchildren. At different points in the past, he spent his free time coaching soccer, refereeing soccer, playing bass guitar and mixing sound for local cover bands. Now, he has storytelling to fulfill his performance itch.

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Who Knew Camels Could Race?

@ VOL 1 ON APR 09, 2016

According to Kay Hartmann, many Americans, herself included, have little travel experience of the Middle East, which is why her trip to Qatar and the UAE was so enlightening... "Who knew camels could race?" she askes! Take this journey with her for a slice of life view of 2 cities in the Arab Gulf, once Bedouin desert communities a few decades ago, now thriving cosmopolitan metropolises. 

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Impersonating a Photographer

@ VOL 1 ON APR 09, 2016

Dianne Burgess has explored the world since leaving the world of graphic design.... always with an eye for the photo opportunity. In her PechaKucha she found herself in the great American Southwest with a cellphone camera and leads us through a process of discovery and self awareness.

Roger Batton
Writer/Consultant/Storyteller, OakTree, Inc. in Three Oaks
Kay Hartmann
in Three Oaks, MI
Elizabeth Nuti
Artist, Wish Deck Creator, Yoga Teacher, Self-employed in Three Oaks, MI
Gregg Fraley
Author, storyteller and consultant. in Three Oaks, MI