Past Pittsburgh, PA Event: VOL 24

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VOL 24

July 14, 2016
@ Bricolage Theater

PechaKucha Night is based on a simple, dynamic presentation style: 20 images x 20 seconds per image. It’s about artistic and creative celebration, and promotion of local talent. The event is constantly varied and dynamic, and always produces a relaxed, informal, and fun environment.

Meet, network, and show your work in only six minutes and forty seconds of exquisitely matched words and images! 

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To submit a presentation for consideration, please email the following information by midnight on Wednesday, July 6th.

  1. 3-4 images that best represent the content of your proposed presentation. It can be on absolutely anything!
  2. Your name, the title of your presentation, and a brief outline.
  3. A brief artist statement, or bio, to be used for promotional purposes.
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Portraits of Secure - Insecure Housing

@ VOL 24 ON JUL 14, 2016

Carol Skinger People fall through the cracks. Everyone here knows someone who did. Either a friend or a family member or someone you encountered yesterday. Most of us find the Tiny House Movement interesting. If you are an architecture or design student it’s a cool problem to solve. One thing folks do not picture when they say “tiny house” is a mobile home or trailer. As an artist I found two parts of my world crossing paths when I started to take commissions to paint what I call secure housing for individuals. It’s a good little niche and I use the proceeds to help support a family member who does not have secure housing (or really secure anything) who lives in a tiny home known as a trailer. While my commissioned house portraits are much loved and they are warm and illustrative, they would not be accepted in a contemporary art show. A few months ago something surprising happened. I submitted my series of small paintings of mobile homes and trailers to a juried art show at 2105 Three Rivers Arts Festival and received an important award from juror Freyda Spira Associate Curator of Drawings and Prints at Metropolitan Museum of Art, a “Best of Show”. I felt happy about this obviously, but also happy for my family member whose life inspires me to see the subject area.

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Drafting Dreams

@ VOL 24 ON JUL 14, 2016

Founded in 2013 by Christian J. Hughes, Drafting Dreams is purposed to expose students in grades Kindergarten through 12th to principles of architecture and urban design through creative design exercises and design-oriented curricula. The mission of Drafting Dreams is to inspire the next generation of design professionals and to increase women and minority interest and participation in design professions.

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Re:NEW Festival

@ VOL 24 ON JUL 14, 2016

Jen Saffron shares about the month-long celebration of creative re-use, transformation & sustainability. Re:NEW Festival programming includes art exhibitions, expos and conventions, markets of artwork and goods made of upcycled materials, workshops, performances, talks and tours, and satellite programs at diverse organizations around the city. Artists and organizations may apply to be vendors or sponsors, and the festival is looking for volunteers.

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Attempting: On Hybrid Forms

@ VOL 24 ON JUL 14, 2016

Joshua Unikel has shown at The Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit; DesignPhiladelphia; Griffith University Art Gallery (Brisbane); and elsewhere. His work has appeared in The Journal, TriQuarterly Online, Essay Review, Fugue, PANK, Sonora Review, The Normal School, The Collagist, kill author, and other national journals. Unikel has an MFA in visual art from The University of Buffalo’s Department of Art and an MFA in creative writing from The University of Iowa’s Nonfiction Writing Program. He is the co-editor of Beyond Category and assistant editor of Seneca Review.

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Behavior and Space: Unlocking Human Potential

@ VOL 24 ON JUL 14, 2016

Kristi Woolsey's super power is being a connector of people and ideas. She notices where there might be a related interest, and then make that available. She see potential in people and situations, and is driven to create a path for that potential to become manifest. Here she explains how. 


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Wilderness First Aid

@ VOL 24 ON JUL 14, 2016

Mike Schiller is a Wilderness EMT and has been teaching First Aid and First Responder courses for the Wilderness Medicine Institute of NOLS since 2002. He is also currently working with two partners on startup company He was previously Chief Executive Officer of the Green Building Alliance (GBA), advancing the organization in its mission to create healthy and high-performing places.   A native Pittsburgher and successful entrepreneur, he previously founded three for-profit companies, one non-profit, and one charter school, all of which are thriving.  He has a BSE from Princeton University and an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. He loves to hike, kayak and climb mountains, and has been to 50 states, 33 countries and 6 continents.  

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They Were Not Anonymous

@ VOL 24 ON JUL 14, 2016

Vince Ornato has made a full-time living drawing and painting for over 30 years.  He started as a sketch-portrait artist, graphic designer and sign painter, before selling his own personal work.  He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Pitt in English Writing, and Rhetoric, and is a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh’s Evening School.  His art studies continued with persistent practice and by taking workshops with prominent artists, most notably Daniel Greene from New York, for whom he worked as a classroom assistant. 

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The Wonders of the Pantheon

@ VOL 24 ON JUL 14, 2016

Viviana Altieri speaks on the wonders of the Pantheon... Find Viviana at MONDO ITALIANO! Founded in 2003 with the goal of welcoming and assisting the Italian community in Pittsburgh, Mondo Italiano has become “the” point of reference for anyone passionate about Italy and the Italian culture.

Mike Schiller
CEO, RoomLeopard LLC in Pittsburgh
Jen Saffron
in Pittsburgh
Carol Skinger
Artist in Pittsburgh
Viviana Altieri
Executive Director and Italian Instructor, Istituto Mondo Italiano in Pittsburgh
Christian Hughes
in Pittsburgh
Joshua Unikel
in Pittsburgh
Vince Ornato
in Pittsburgh
Kristi Woolsey
in Pittsburgh