Past Edmonton Event: VOL 25

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VOL 25

June 09, 2016
@ Metro Cinema at The Garneau

Edmonton's NextGen is excited to present Pecha Kucha Night 25! Tickets are only available in advance through Eventbrite so be sure to get them quick! Need convincing? Check out the lineup!

Doors open at 6:00pm; presentations begin at 7:00pm.

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My Life in Transition: A Personal Journey to Living Authentically

@ VOL 25 ON JUN 09, 2016

"This may suprise you but I'm Catholic. When I asked my priest if our family could continue to practice our faith, he said, 'I have no idea...but we will walk this journey together."

Marni Panas shares a heroic story of transitioning from her assigned male gender into the woman she always has been. She talks the challenges and joys of finally living one's life authentically and proudly as a transgender woman.

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Next Generation Work, Next Generation Workers

@ VOL 25 ON JUN 09, 2016

"80 percent of people under of the age of 30 want to change career paths but feel like they can't already. I started to wonder, what is going on with work? Why is it so confusing? Why is it this tormenting thing that's tying us in knots?"

In "Next Generation Work, Next Generation Workers" from PechaKucha Night Edmonton Vol. 25 Tyler Waye asks the fundamental question: how do you find success in the confusing and somewhat frustrating world of work? 

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Mental Rescue Society, Redefining the Conversation Around Mental Health

@ VOL 25 ON JUN 09, 2016

"It's no surprise that there's a stigma around mental illness. Things are starting to change, but they need to change quicker."

Everyday thousands of people struggle to achieve what they feel is their definition of normal. Quinn Ohler is a member of Mental Rescue, a group of like-minded individuals bringing light to the shadows of mental health, by promoting physical and mental well-being. 

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Permaculture: Living Sustainably the Cuban Way

@ VOL 25 ON JUN 09, 2016

"The world would be a much better place if we had more permaculturists."

Sustainable Interior Designer Sonja Norton took three weeks to learn about permaculture from those at the forefront—Cubans. She expains how Cuba's economic history and sustainable way of life led to philosophies about food and consumption that the rest of the world could (and should) take to heart.

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Board Games for Life

@ VOL 25 ON JUN 09, 2016

"If actual life was a board game, it would probably get pretty bad reviews nowadays."

Engineer and self-professed nerd Michael Ross talks board games—sure, they're loads of fun, but what, exactly, has caused their recent skyrocketing popularity as an inclusive, immersive, and sometimes very competitive source of community and socializing?

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Inhale | Exhale

@ VOL 25 ON JUN 09, 2016

"We're all probably suffering from chronic low level stress ... but we don't have a tool to bring us back to that rest and digest."

In "Inhale | Exhale" from PechaKucha Night Edmonton Vol. 25, Pamella Heikel takes us on a personal journey of ups and downs as she learns how to truly breathe—and appreciate and conquer that persistent foe in all of our lives: stress.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Thursday, October 13, 2016. 

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Spend Nothing, Do Everything: Using Constraints as Momentum for Creativity

@ VOL 25 ON JUN 09, 2016

"When I moved to Edmonton, I had a great time exploring my new city, but after about two years a started to feel a bit stuck. So I gave myself a challenge which would get me out of my routine."

Designer Laura Read recounts the story of her month-long challenge to spend less, connect more, and explore the free and uplifting underbelly of Edmonton—offering inspiring tips on how to rethink your routine and rediscover your surroundings.

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Hacking Community

@ VOL 25 ON JUN 09, 2016

"The important part is getting to know people in a really informal setting, as people first. The running joke is if you want to ask somebody their business model, you have to buy them a drink."

Warren Johnston shares the underlying philosophies behind Edmonton's exploding startup community, which emphasizes inclusivity, togetherness and selflessness—and above all having fun while pursuing professional goals.

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Child-Friendly in the City

@ VOL 25 ON JUN 09, 2016

"Children are part of our cities. If our cities aren't designed for children, then they're not meant for citizens. If they're not meant for citizens, they're not cities."

In "Child-Friendly in the City" from PechaKucha Night Edmonton Vol.25Ian Smith speaks to a demographic whose voices often go unheard in urban decision-making: children. In Ian's presentation, he challenges us to view our spaces through the eyes of the younger generation while acknowledging that we all have a part to play in building child-friendly cities.

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Quidditch - The Fictional Game Redefining Sport

@ VOL 25 ON JUN 09, 2016

"There's no other sport that I know that's as inclusive as quidditch. It's brought nerds to sport—nerds who have never played sports before. It's a gateway drug to sports and a healthy lifestyle."

Quidditch player and Team Canada Head Coach Chris Radojewski dispels some misconceptions about one of the world's fasting growing sports, Quidditch is indeed real—and it's growing, staking a reputation as fast and hard-hitting while paving the way for gender inclusivity in sport.

Ian Smith
Child and Youth Engagment, City of Edmonton in Edmonton
Michael Ross
Structural Engineer in Edmonton
Pamella Heikel
Health and Wellness Coach, ELLASAID in Edmonton
Chris Radojewski
in Edmonton