Past Detroit Event: VOL 28

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VOL 28

June 10, 2016
@ Detroit Beer Co

Hey, PechaKucha Night Detroiters! Ready for the next installment - our 28th event in Detroit?

We're gearing up for a great collaboration with Congress For New Urbanism -- they will be in town for a weekend, and we're going to celebrate! We will be hosting a PechaKucha Night that is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, but geared to the theme of their conference - "The Transforming City" - and we are looking for local and national speakers to take on that challenge. If you're interested in a chance to present in the PKN 20slides x 20seconds format, send us your name, contact info and a few images/words about your topic to by May 15th.

For all attendees -- presentations will begin at 7:00 sharp, and will be followed by a CNU debate at 8:30, so get there early! See you there!

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Photo Sensei

@ VOL 28 ON JUN 10, 2016

Photography is not just Asia Hamilton’s passion; she uses her lens to examine the world, to connect with people of diverse backgrounds and to highlight the people, projects and places she loves.

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@ VOL 28 ON JUN 10, 2016

You can find Neil Greenberg at the intersection of transit operations, information design, and hands-on metropolitan research. Neil has worked for five transit systems and consulted to 20 others.

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New Urbanism

@ VOL 28 ON JUN 10, 2016

Catherine Hartley grew up in the post-war town of Fort Walton Beach in the Florida panhandle. Knowing what it’s like to suffer as a teenager without a car in an auto-oriented place, she became a proponent of New Urbanism in the late 1990’s.

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Cultural Geographer

@ VOL 28 ON JUN 10, 2016

Kevin S. Fox is a cultural geographer originally from Connecticut in the United States.  He grew up in what he considers the borderlands between the suburbs and the rural; the Yankees and the Red Sox; the Pequonnock and the Housatonic; between New York and New England.

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Taka Solutions

@ VOL 28 ON JUN 10, 2016

When Nathan Jenkins is not exploring a new country, he working to make energy data more accessible to the individual. His focus is on improving the energy performance of our existing buildings, helping achieve an ultimate mission to make an impact on energy usage worldwide.

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Public Health + Poetry

@ VOL 28 ON JUN 10, 2016

Emily Baughman is a public health professional and a poet. It is the intersection of these two disciplines that she is truly passionate about! She is working on a project to bring poetry as a pop-up art form to Detroit as a way to support better emotional health in communities.

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Designs That Float

@ VOL 28 ON JUN 10, 2016

Michael Opipari is Principal/Owner of OpipariDesignGroup, a Detroit-area commercial design firm specializing in stores, restaurants and financial retail design. He and his design team are proponents of research-based design methodology and use it effectively to create meaningful and lasting experiences between businesses and their customers.

Nathan Jenkins
Architect, Taka Solutions in Detroit
Kevin S. Fox
Cultural Geographer, The Geographical Imaginations Institute & Expedition in Newtown
Emily Baughman
Public Health Professional / Poet in Detroit, MI
Catherine Hartley
Director, Department of Planning and Community Development, Bradenton, City of Bradenton, Florida in Bradenton, FL
Michael Opipari
architecture/interiors, OpipariDesignGroup in Royal Oak, MI
Asia Hamilton
Photographer, Photo Sensei in Detroit, MI
Neil Greenberg
DDOT in Detroit, MI