Past Three Oaks Event: VOL 2

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Five Years in Exile

@ VOL 2 ON MAY 21, 2016

Gregg Fraley, producer and Indigan Storyteller show how for five years, leaving America to reside in Great Britian. Of course he fell in love with tavern signs because he spent so much time in taverns! His PechaKucha is a photographic tour of the variety, style and humor of these iconic images of British culture.

Gregg is an author, speaker, and creativity consultant.  He lives in Three Oaks, Michigan. He’s the author of Jack’s Notebook, a business fable about creative problem solving. Jack’s Notebook is used by schools like Berkeley, St. John’s, and Cambridge. Gregg worked in entertainment television and was a stand-up comedian in the 80’s. He’s done improv with Players Workshop of Second City and has spoken to hundreds of business groups about creativity. 

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Scrapbooks and Sandinistas

@ VOL 2 ON MAY 21, 2016

Kate Ryan, producer and Indigan Storyteller shares "Scrapbooks and Sandinistas", taking us from Chicago to Nicaragua via Vermont. A catholic schoolgirl winds up in Central America and lives to tell about it.

Kate never recovered from the delirium of her first acting role in high school.  A full on lover of intimate, less commercial venues, Kate has acted and directed in Chicago, Houston, Madison and northwest Indiana. In the '90s she joined a theatre troupe in Edinburgh, Scotland, Telling Tales Productions, that was housed in the celebrated Café Graffiti. Her training includes a masters in theatre from UIC, a five week intensive with Moscow Art Theatre, and numerous workshops at venerated Chicago training centers. On the writing front, Kate's focus is solo performance and storytelling. She was recently seen in the Chicago Fringe Festival and earlier in time coughed up several arts awards in Wisconsin for her original one-woman shows. She is a member of Old World Theatre Company, a UIC alumni troupe led by Emeritus Professor William Raffeld. 

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The Diary of Adam and Eve

@ VOL 2 ON MAY 21, 2016

Mary Dean Cason, producer and Indigan Storyteller, brings Samuel Clemens diary to the screen with her lively and insightful PechaKucha "The Diary of Adam and Eve." The PechaKucha form style allowed Mary Dean to select images that complement the words in a way that was very entertaining for our audience.

- Mary Dean short stories, drawn on her southern roots, will soon be compiled into a volume and include: “What Solomon Saw” a finalist in Chicago Public Radio’s Stories on Stage, and the winner of California’s 2005 WestSide Story Contest. “Liar, Liar,” featured in Lake Michigan’s SHORE, won the 2006 University of Memphis’ Pinch Award. While at the University of Chicago’s Writer’s Studio, Mary Dean took the 2008 Prize for Fiction. She is also the founder of Wine, Women and Stories, Northwest Indiana’s literary salon.

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Doha + Dubai

@ VOL 2 ON MAY 21, 2016

Kay Hartman, PechaKucha Producer and Indigan Storyteller, presents "Doha + Dubai", exploring the state of women's rights in these Middle eastern cities from and educational and dress point of view.

- As a designer in Chicago and a design educator at Columbia College, Kay has the distinct pleasure of working on challenging projects with creative and inspiring individuals for the past 30 years. Currently she is writing and designing a textbook called “Information Design: A practical guide for teachers and students.”

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Global Tap

@ VOL 2 ON MAY 21, 2016

Dan Whitman is the Founder of Global Tap, a worldwide organization dedicated to fresh water for all, while conserving resources and protecting the environment. Did you ever stop to consider the incredible amount of plastic and glass bottles required to satisfy the demand for convenient water worldwide? Dan Whitman did and that consideration led him to establish Global Tap. Watch his PechaKucha and discover a different and sustainable way to deliver water around the world.

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20X20 Slideshow Workshop

@ VOL 2 ON MAY 21, 2016

Designer, visionary artist, yoga instructor at Skybird Yoga and creator of the Wish Deck, Elizabeth Nuti draws on her philosophy of the awakening spirit, providing paths to serenity and inner awareness through art, yoga and the Wish Deck. Her philosophy carries through into the design consulting she does throughout the Midwest. Elizabeth is a PechaKucha resource at Indigan Storyteller. 

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Harp of Myth, History and Healing

@ VOL 2 ON MAY 21, 2016

Debra Sawyer is a former Corporate Communications Designer who transformed into an evolving artiist/musician and educator. Her passion and intrigue unfolds in her PechaKucha " Harp of myth, history and healing".

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Buzzy Linhart

@ VOL 2 ON MAY 21, 2016

Johnny Borter picked up a camera at the age of 8 and never put it down. He has photographed over 500 weddings and assisted some of the best photographers in the country. He partnered with Tina Wagner to form borterwagner photography.

Kate Ryan
Actor-Writer in Chicago Area
Kay Hartmann
in Three Oaks, MI
Elizabeth Nuti
Artist, Wish Deck Creator, Yoga Teacher, Self-employed in Three Oaks, MI
Gregg Fraley
Author, storyteller and consultant. in Three Oaks, MI
Mary Dean Cason
Writer, Author, Storyteller in 3 Oaks